#InternPro Chat: “School and Career Success: The Art of Interacting with Professors!”

College professors. They’re older than us. They hold the fate of our college career in their hands. They can be pretty intimidating. As a result, many students avoid interacting with professors other than to turn in tests and papers, or to argue for a better grade.

Often, however, professors are the closest person we have to a mentor, or a referral when we apply for our first jobs. As such, students who develop relationships with professors have an in their personal brands, mentor relationships… and job search.

This week, Ellen Bremen (@ChattyProf on Twitter and author of “Say This, Not That to Your Professor“) and the #InternPro community discussed how to effectively and assertively communicate with professors… and shared insights into how professors can help our early careers, even after graduation! The chat, for your convenience, is summarized here.

Join us again next week, Monday, September 24 for our next fast-paced, enlightening #InternPro discussion at 9pm ET/6pm PT!


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