4 Effective (But Ignored) Job Search Strategies

Beginning to feel like you’ve hit a dead end in your job search? If you’ve been consistently pursuing a new job for several months and still haven’t had any successful returns, it’s time to take a look at your job search strategy.

There are thousands of blog posts scattered around the Internet providing job search advice, so by this point you probably feel like you’ve heard it all before. And maybe you really have. But no matter how many times you’ve heard something, sometimes it still finds a way of slipping your mind.

When you’ve been applying for countless jobs for several months and haven’t even managed to land a single interview, it’s understandable that you’re more than a little discouraged. But don’t let this defeat you. I’ve compiled a list of four vital job search tips we hear all the time, yet still fail to do. If you aren’t using all of these four strategies in your job search, then there’s a reason you aren’t getting any results.

Apply to the Organization Directly

It is the age of the Internet and the idea of job boards seem great in theory, but a very small percentage of people are actually hired through them. Checking and apply for jobs on job boards every now and then is fine, but it shouldn’t be the only place you are looking. Most companies list job opportunities on the company website, opt to apply through there instead.

Tailor Your Resume

Still using the same old tired resume that’s clearly not getting you any results? That’s probably a big part of your problem. Your resume (and cover letter) are usually the first impression an organization has of you. Blindly sending in your resume to every job posting you come across won’t do you any good. Look closely at what the organization is looking for in a new hire and modify (but don’t fabricate!) your resume to show that you have all the qualifications they are looking for.

Follow Up

We’ve discussed the importance of following up before. But when you’re sending out several resumes a day it can be difficult to remember everywhere you’ve applied, let alone following up on all of them. Keep a list of everywhere you’ve applied along with the date you applied and the basic job description of the position. Often times companies wait several weeks to go through applications. By calling to reinforce your interest in the position your application will likely get a closer look since so many applicants fail follow up.

Create a Professional Online Presence

Not only should you remove incriminating Facebook photos, statuses, etc. but you should start building an online presence that you can be proud of if a company comes across it. If you haven’t yet, join LinkedIn and start making connections! Use WordPress or a similar platform to create an online portfolio. This gives the company an idea of what your capable of and can help land an interview.

Do you forget to follow these job search tips? What other tips do you hear all the time but don’t do?


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About the Author: Megan Westemeier graduated magna cum laude from Eastern Illinois University with a B.A. in communication studies (public relations focus) and a minor in advertising in May 2012. She has gained experience in her field by working as a public relations writer, copy editor and by doing non-profit work.



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