#InternPro Chat: “Career Success: Stop Fixing Your Weaknesses, Sell Your Strengths”

Evaluations of our strengths and weaknesses is more than prevalent in many career circles, including recruiters as they ask two of the most hated job interview questions: “What’s your greatest weakness?” and “Tell me about your greatest strengths?”

Many of us feel that to get a job, and then to build a successful career, we have to be perfect; that we must fix, or hide, our workplace weaknesses. This week’s #InternPro Chat took at look at whether we might accomplish more by selling our existing strengths… rather than trying to fix our flaws. The discussion is summarized here, for your convenience.

#InternPro Chat will be enjoying a well-earned day off next Monday (and we hope you do as well). Join us on Monday, September 10 for our next fast-paced, enlightening #InternPro discussion at 9pm ET/6pm PT!


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