You Are What You Do: Tips to Assess Career Strengths and Weaknesses

If you are a career-oriented professional, finding a job that allows you to utilize your natural talents is an important piece of your professional growth and success. In order to pinpoint a career path, it is important to accurately assess both your strengths and weaknesses. Doing so better enables you to target a job that is perfect for you. 

Review Your Past Performance Appraisals 

One of the best indicators of your strengths and areas for improvement are your evaluations from former employers. Employers’ reviews often provide an objective summary of your professional performance. Look for common themes in your reviews. Using this knowledge during a job search will help you to gravitate towards jobs that highlight your strengths.

View Yourself from an Alternate Viewpoint 

With practice you will learn to evaluate yourself, without bias. The trick to appraising yourself is to focus on facts, numbers or data that are devoid of any interpretation or subjectivity. For example, if you work in sales look at your sales numbers for trends and measure this performance data against your employer’s expectations. Some professionals fool themselves into thinking that they have developed a particular skill set. However, when they assess their abilities objectively and honestly, a different story often emerges. 

See a Career Counselor 

Career counselors are an excellent resource for professionals who want to understand who they are professionally and what assets they can bring to an occupation. In addition to personal career counseling, counselors may use a variety of aptitude tests and career interest inventories to underscore your strengths and weaknesses. 

Talk with Your Former Co-Workers 

Having an honest conversation with a former co-worker you know well will also help you to assess your strengths and weaknesses. When asking your former co-workers for their assessment, let them know that you want candid answers and that you value their opinions. Keep in mind that some people may be uncomfortable pointing out weakness or may not like being put “on the spot”. If this is the case, have them focus on your strengths instead, and allow them the opportunity to decline your request if they desire. 

Focus on Your Passion 

Our passion is ideally what guides us down a certain career path. However, sometimes people find themselves in jobs or situations that they are not passionate about. Take the time to reflect upon what your true interests and pursuits are in life. Many times our passions are also our strengths, and our weaknesses may become apparent through this reflection. 

Discovering your true strengths and weaknesses is a remarkable way to accurately determine your skills and how they can assist you in your professional career. Interpreting these areas in your professional life takes time and work, but this analysis will lead to a fulfilling and rewarding job that is right for you. 



About the Author: Amanda Green is a student by day and a freelance writer and journalist by night. Amanda’s normal topics of choice for blogging include personal finance, medical billing and coding, career, and education, but she likes to add some variety with articles on Eco-friendly topics from time to time. When Amanda is not writing or reading you can find her at the gym or out for a run with her iPod blasting. You can read more writing by Amanda at



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