College Grads Need Our Help (Here’s How to Help Them)

Recent college grads need your help. Well, to be accurate, they actually needed your help not just now but along the way, before they received their cap and gown. Perhaps the help they need is not the kind of help you think.

They Need Mentors (and That Isn’t You)

You can’t be your child’s best friend or mentor. You could help them find a mentor, but don’t do it for them. Ask them who they would like to meet, or what industry or occupation they might be interested in. You can provide the introduction.

They Need to Understand How to Make Small Talk

We all could use a little help in this area, but what does a 20-something have in common with a 40-something? Probably more than you would think. Encourage them to attend multi-generational events.

Teach Them Manners

If you missed this opportunity before, now is a great time to teach them how to write Thank You notes and letters. Don’t assume they know, because they don’t!

Encourage Personal and Professional Development

The soft skills generally aren’t taught in schools. Have them do some reading on the topic. Encourage them to be life-long learners.

Review Employment Etiquette

They will be expected to show up on time and ready to go. They need to dress appropriately. They need to understand that a college degree doesn’t qualify them to be a CEO…yet.

The World of Work has Changed

When you looked for your last job, things were different. Before you go giving them job search advice, you better make sure you know the new rules.

There are some great resources out there for them and here are just a few:

Heather Huhman

Dan Schawbel’s Student Branding




About the Author:  Hannah Morgan brings over 10 years of experience helping displaced workers search for their next opportunity, and has developed and delivered workshops as well as managed the implementation of Career Navigator, a five-day intensive boot camp for professional level job seekers.

In addition to her blog, Career Sherpa, Hannah is honored to be designated as Job Search Navigator on as well as a featured blogger on HerRochester. She also contributes to Career Collective, a community of expert career coaches and resume writing professionals who write monthly on job search topics, and guest blogs for on social media trends and tools. Follow Hannah on Twitter!




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