“Pin” Your Way to a New Job: 4 “Pinteresting” Tips

You may have heard of Pinterest, a “virtual pinboard” that lets you organize and share things you find on the web. See a cool recipe you want to try, or a great photo of a place you want to visit? “Pin” it, and share it with your followers! Trust me, it’s addictive (like most social media).

Besides building a list of must-try recipes or gawking at tropical islands, Pinterest can help you with your job search. Here are four ways to use Pinterest in your job search:

1. Pin

Use the basic premise of the site to your job-search advantage — pin away! Try pinning your resume; since pins need to be pictures, consider trying one of those cool infographic resumes; see here for some examples of creative resumes found on Pinterest.

You can also try pinning your website or portfolio; as long as Pinterest can find an image or video on your site (for example, if you have your logo or a picture of you on your site), then you can pin. When asked for a description, try something like: “Check out my updated website!” or “See my portfolio online.” When viewers click on the pin, they will be directed to your website — instant publicity!

2. Brand

Job seeking is all about establishing and selling your personal brand. As a savvy job seeker, you’ve likely already created your brand on the “big three” networking sites: LinkedIn, Twitter, and Facebook — it’s time to take your brand to Pinterest! Keep your pins work-appropriate and consistent with your personal brand. Are you trying to break into the marketing world? Pin relevant ads or marketing tactics that you see online. Into graphic design? Pin great infographic or website designs you come across. You can even create different boards for different aspects of your personal brand.

3. Display

Display your work on Pinterest! If you’re a writer and have published work online, pin that page. If you’re a designer or photographer, pin images of your work. If you work in PR, pin your press clips. If you’re interested in filming or editing, pin your videos. Take the opportunity to show off what you can do — again, as long as Pinterest can find an image or video to display, you can pin just about anything, and the pin will link back to the original site.

4. Learn

Follow and interact with job search boards and career experts to get great advice for your job search. FlexJobs has several job-search tip boards including one for job interview tips, one for resume tips, one for job search inspiration, and more. CareerBliss is on Pinterest too — it has boards for company culture, places to work, types of work, and more. Working Mother Magazine has a career advice board, and so does Jobacle. With more and more people and companies joining Pinterest each day, the job advice is sure to abound!



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About the Author: Kate D’Amico is in her senior year at Virginia Tech where she is studying communications with an emphasis in public relations as well as psychology and special events management and marketing. She has prior internship experience in corporate communications and public relations for technology, nonprofit, and association clients. Follow Kate on Twitter!





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