Stand Out: Add “Social Bling” to Your LinkedIn Profile

Last year, Jobvite released the results of an extensive survey on social media and hiring. Two interesting data points the survey of recruiters revealed:

  • 89% will recruit in social networks
  • 55% will spend more on social recruiting

Yet even more important:

86.6% reported using LinkedIn to search for candidates (click graphic to enlarge)

94.5% successfully hired someone from LinkedIn

Adding social bling is just one way to help you standout from the crowd.  Why? Because, you are actually showing your skills, talents and abilities. This helps them visualize you in their company and begins to establish a sense of trust in you. (Similar to that of being an internal candidate, kind of).

What is Social Bling?

You know, all those applications that can be added to your LinkedIn profile? Oh, you don’t? Here are some of them:

  • Slideshare
  • WordPress or Bloglink
  • Tweets
  • Reading List from Amazon
  • Creative Portfolio Display

In order for these applications to work, it requires a 2-step process. (These are all free, so don’t worry.)

1) Add the application to your LinkedIn profile

2) Activate the account through the service (Slideshare, etc)

Which Bling Should I Use?

The options are endless…think outside the box! Here are just some quick thoughts:

  • Letters of recommendations from people not on Linkedin (use
  • Customer testimonials (use or create a Slideshare)
  • Samples of your best work
  • A video of you from an event or TV appearance (Slideshare)
  • Share your favorite business related books (Reading List)
  • Show your Twitter stream
  • Showcase your blog posts

Really, Why Do I Want to Do This?

Not only are you creating a better overall picture of yourself, but you are also creating content that is “findable” on the web (inside and outside of LinkedIn).



About the Author:  Hannah Morgan is an energetic, compassionate conveyor of no-nonsense advice and truly loves helping people understand how to look for work, better.

She brings over 10 years of experience helping displaced workers search for their next opportunity, and has developed and delivered workshops as well as managed the implementation of Career Navigator, a five-day intensive boot camp for professional level job seekers.

In addition to her blog, Career Sherpa, Hannah is honored to be designated as Job Search Navigator on as well as a featured blogger on HerRochester. She also contributes to Career Collective, a community of expert career coaches and resume writing professionals who write monthly on job search topics, and guest blogs for on social media trends and tools. Follow Hannah on Twitter!




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