Why “Tribe” Is The New “Job Security”

One of the most interesting things about the way work is evolving in the emerging world is how much of it seems to be a return to things we used to do before.

And I don’t mean “1950′s” before — it’s more like “50 A.D.” before.

The hyper-connection of the globe is having a fascinating effect on the way we approach relationships in the marketplace. It almost seems that the more connectivity we have, the more we become aware of a lack of real, true connection.

Brian Dunn, the CEO of Best Buy, once poetically remarked:

“An important principle that is often overlooked inside the boardrooms and offices where business decisions are made [is this]: The world was built on relationships between human beings.”

The more our digital networks expand, the more we rely on our “community” — our tribe, our people (whoever they may be; they may very well be “virtual friends”) — to recommend to us products, services, jobs, etc. The informational overload “out there” is just too much for us to do anything else. We need to find a manageable way to process life, and for most of us this means retreating to a natural group around us we trust enough to give us recommendations and suggestions.

At the same time this “tribal redux” is happening in our personal lives, we are also experiencing a transition in business. We are migrating away from old-school hierarchy and full-time structured jobs to the more fluid, organic, and virtual sphere of contract workers.

Much has been made of these two ideas, separately. But when we start to explore how these movements converge, we see something alarming. Namely, we see this: “Job security” as it used to exist is going extinct. It will be replaced by the strength and vitality of our personal network/tribe.

The deluge of constant input competing for our attention will only get worse, which will force us to rely even more on our personal networks. This increase in competition will also be reflected in the marketplace. You think it’s tough to find a job now without a connection on the inside? Wait another decade and see.

Thankfully, it will be a number of years before this transition is complete and what we used to think of as “job security” is gone forever, but the toothpaste is out of the tube. The days of being able to spend 35 years in a singular white collar sweatshop are long-gone, and they ain’t comin’ back.

But the bigger question is… do we want those days back?

I don’t think we do. What’s coming might be scary, but that’s because it’s different, not because it’s not BETTER.

Get ready for the new world of work!


This post was originally a guest post for Jamie Nacht Farrel, written by Josh Allan Dykstra.


About the Author: Jamie Nacht Farrel is a marketing fanatic, education industry expert, innovator, and a proud member of Gen Y who just turned 30, and – as she describes herself – “generally a badass”. In addition to being a serial entrepreneur, Jamie is a rabid blogger; her posts have appeared in Forbes, Technorati, and many others including her own blog: BizRelationships.



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