5 Dumb Mistakes Job Seekers Make on Twitter

According to this infographic by Jobvite, 1 in 6 job seekers find new positions through social media with Facebook, LinkedIn and Twitter leading the pack. However, there are many differences in how these social networks are used – and treating them the same can cause job seekers to make critical mistakes during their job search!

Most experts agree that Facebook and LinkedIn enable you to leverage your existing connections, while Twitter’s platform is great for connecting with those you haven’t yet met. In other words, Twitter is not just a digital megaphone; sharing, reciprocating and building new relationships drives Twitter engagement – and your success on the platform as a job seeker.

Here are five dumb mistakes job seekers make on Twitter…

They Don’t Make the First Move

Too many job seekers fail to actively to engage. They open a Twitter account, add a professional headshot and write a killer bio… then fail to reach out and start talking to people!

Don’t wait for others to respond to your Tweets, no matter how timely, witty or well-crafted they are. To forge connections, you’ve got to reach out by answering questions, starting discussions and commenting on other users’ content.

They Don’t Follow (or Follow Back)

Too many job seekers fail to seek out and follow those who can help them the most.

To start, make a list of your industry’s thought leaders and key players. Find and follow them on Twitter, and then check out their accounts to see who they are following and add those accounts to your lists. Once you’ve got this list compiled, you’ll have plenty of people to reach out to (per my first point) and plenty of people’s content to help promote (per my next point.)

They Don’t Share Content

Many job seekers fail to see that Twitter’s user culture, more than any of the other social network, follows the “pay it forward” model! On Twitter, if you want others to share your message and content, you have to be willing to share theirs also.

One of the best ways to grab the attention of future colleagues and bosses on Twitter is to share their content – while adding your comments. The more you do that, the more likely they’ll be to “follow” you, check out your account and bio, and see what you’re all about. (And of course, the more widely you’re followed, the more “influential” in the world of social media you become.)

They Don’t Say Thank You

Unlike Facebook or LinkedIn, on Twitter… social media manners count!

Say you posted a great article or blog post and several of your followers retweeted. Awesome! Make sure you thank them ASAP. If you miss a “thank you” here and there it’s fine. But those who chronically fail to say thanks won’t see their content being shared, or even worse, they may be unfollowed, greatly reducing the social influence they’ve worked so hard to create.

They Don’t Find a Tribe

Tribes – groups of highly engaged individuals who are interested in sharing and discussing certain topics, issues, or industries – form fast on Twitter. If you don’t find a tribe, you are missing out on a huge opportunity to network!

The more you’re on Twitter, the more you’ll notice how small the world of social media can become. Many of those you want to engage with most probably all know each other. Once you engage, share and show a pay-it-forward presence on Twitter – they are usually happy to champion you within their tribes. Find a tribe, build some champions – and let them help you get your message out!

When you boil it down, Twitter success really depends on following the “Golden Rule” you learned back in kindergarten: “Do unto others as you would have them do unto you.”

Follow this rule, and avoid the critical mistakes that will hurt your chances of finding a job on Twitter!



About the Author: Noël Rozny is Web Editor & Content Manager at myFootpath, a career and education resource for students of all ages. Noël writes and edits the career and education blog, myPathfinder, and is passionate about using these technologies to help students and job seekers alike find the degree program or career that is right for them. Visit myFootpath.com to find the bachelor’s degree, master’s degree or PhD program that’s right for you. Connect with Noel on Twitter!



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