The Benefits of Power Networking – Be a LinkedIn Connector!

LinkedIn is a powerful tool for networking and connecting.

As a business owner, I use LinkedIn to meet and offer my assistance to job seekers across the world. As a career coach, I teach new grads and adults in career transition, how to effectively market their skills to attract the attention of hiring employers via LinkedIn. In my role as a Connector, I introduce job hunters to caring people in my network who are willing to offer guidance… through LinkedIn.

Have you considered how you can best serve as a Connector to someone in your network needing a helping hand?  

Here are two real-world examples that took place this week when I connected new friends with generous LinkedIn colleagues:

  • Through my participation in Linked N Chicago, an exploding group with over 53,000 members, I met a French citizen whose fiancée is accepting a job teaching at the French Institute in the Chicagoland suburbs. Not wanting to be left behind, he’s searching for a marketing management job here and will need an H1B Visa. I reached out for help from a Linkedin colleague who’s also French and an international marketing professional. She quickly agreed to connect with my new French friend and offer him advice on job hunting and immigration issues.
  • During a LinkedIn coaching session with a sharp Valparaiso University grad, we improved his profile content, which included the creation of a career goal statement that he easily articulated with a green venture capitalism/private equity firm. I realized that I have a colleague in my network, a seasoned business developer and advisor in the venture capital/private equity industry, who currently mentors entrepreneurs. On the spot, my well-connected business colleague agreed to help!

Through these examples and many more, I’m continually impressed by the unselfish nature of my LinkedIn colleagues who agree to offer advice to job hunters, directing them on a proactive and productive career search path.

This power networking – and connecting – can be life changing for the recipient. Job hunting is frustrating, and what better way to offer hope to a struggling candidate than to reach out, encourage, and help? Candidates gain a renewed faith that people are good and caring, and that they’re not forgotten.

Consider serving as a connector to someone in your network. When you meet new people in your groups and through invitations, look for opportunities to hold a door open to job hunters and offer your assistance.

Use the power of Linkedin to make a powerful difference to someone who needs encouragement and hope. Be a Connector!


About the Author: Deborah E. Rooney, M.S., Ed, owner of Power Resumes & Coaching, works with new grads and adults in career transition. She coaches her clients to identify their outstanding transferable skills and core competencies to attract new jobs where they’ll thrive. Deb provides LinkedIn coaching to job hunters and business owners, and strengthens resumes. Deborah teaches her clients how to navigate the digital job searching process with energy and optimism. As a LinkedIn Connector, she uses her network to introduce clients to hiring managers. Connect with Deb on LinkedIn and Facebook!



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