Great Motivation for Jobless Grads

There’s no question the economy is tough on recent grads – many are either jobless or in jobs not suited to their skill sets. Unemployment can have negative effects on those unemployed and those that support them, like family and friends. Online College Courses put together a collection of “8 Great Pep Talks for Generation Jobless” to offer hope to the jobless recent grads out there. Check out my favorite four pep talks from their list:

1. “Mike Rowe Celebrates Dirty Jobs”

Many are familiar with Mike Rowe as the host if Dirty Jobs, where Rowe takes on the worst of the worst jobs. In this pep talk, unemployed grads can take a lesson on hard work.

“Some smart students can get ahead and create a career in positions that may not be traditionally attractive, but nonetheless present a dependable, profitable niche that might actually be fun.”

2. “All Financial Matters: Generation Jobless”

JLP at All Financial Matters reminds young workers (or non-workers, as the case may be) that the current job situation is ultimately only temporary, and eventually, most students will find a job. In the meantime, create a plan for the short- and long-term. Find whatever job you can, even if it’s not what you want, and “accept anything but the feeling of helplessness.”

3. “Generation Jobless: Five Years On”

The Wall Street Journal put together an inspiring photo journal that focuses on what Generation Jobless hopes to accomplish in five years. This pep talk can give hope and a positive outlook to frustrated unemployed grads.

4. “Monday Morning Pep Talk: Create Your Own Opportunities”

This talk from Launch While Working inspires us to create our own opportunities.

“When one door closes, I push another one open” is an affirmation offered by this segment, helping unemployed grads create and capture opportunities for themselves.

To read the full list of all eight pep talks, see here. Times might be tough for “Generation Jobless,” but use these talks to get you motivated and hopeful for your future career.

What do you think of these pep talks? Are you part of Generation Jobless?



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About the Author: Kate D’Amico is in her senior year at Virginia Tech where she is studying communications with an emphasis in public relations as well as psychology and special events management and marketing. She has prior internship experience in corporate communications and public relations for technology, nonprofit, and association clients.



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