Accomplishments You Probably Forgot to Put on Your Resume

Your work experience isn’t all that matters to employers. Ultimately, they are looking for people who can add value to their organization versus someone who can just “do the job”.

That may be a good thing when you’re a college student or young professional and probably don’t have a long work history. No problem!

Here’s a list of ideas to help you uncover accomplishments that you may have overlooked when selling you on a resume.

Consulting or Freelance Projects

Many college students – especially in business, marketing or communications majors – work on small, single-project assignments. These freelance or project based work shouldn’t be overlooked as valuable professional experiences – and often lead to positive networking. When your assignment is complete, reach out to these companies to get a short testimonial from them about your work on the project.

Social Networking Achievements

Do you have over 1,000 followers on Twitter, or is your Klout score impressive? Maybe you have a huge list of friends on Facebook or other social networks like Linkedin, Flickr, or others. Employers recognize your social media influence doesn’t happen overnight and it’s likely that you’ve put a lot of effort into developing this network of individuals. Here’s an opportunity to explain your social strategy that achieved so many followers—and also become a valued resource to hiring companies!

Published Papers or Research Studies You’ve Written

Research, thesis papers, or projects you have worked are accomplishments – and each can make you more employable because employers want to know all your capabilities. If they see an interesting project on your resume, perhaps they will want to dig deeper into your qualifications. What better way than to actually showcase your work? Just remember: many recruiters and employers dislike email attachments, so find another way to link to these items; perhaps through links on a personal website or online portfolio.

Personal Blog

Do you have a personal blog where you share information and expertise? Have you accumulated a fair share of visitors? Share the link! The person reviewing your resume will be able to learn more about you than they ever could from a resume alone. Remember: quantify your traffic numbers.

If you don’t already have a personal blog, then it’s probably best you get started. A personal blog can help someone understand how passionate and up-to-date you are in your industry of interest.


Competitions are a great opportunity to show you’re not afraid to put yourself, and your work, out into the public. There are many competitions available; for example, if you’re in marketing or public relations, there are always social media competitions hosted by a variety of sites. Many of these contests contain quantifiable results, like number of visitors to a site, or the increase Facebook likes you’ll be able to promote on your resume. Who knows, maybe your performance will lead directly to your next job!

Events or Conferences Attended

Event and conference attendance shows you have a passion or strong interest in a particular field. Many times the connections and information gathered at these events can be highly useful to employers – and can help them position their products and services better.

Volunteer Work for Non-profits

No matter what your skill-set, a non-profit is likely to want your help. Select a non-profit with a cause and location that is a good fit for your interests and reach out to them. You’ll gain valuable work experience, develop your professional network, and likely gain some awesome testimonials and referrals you’ll be able to add to your resume.

On-campus Organizations

Did you organize, raise money, or help manage any on-campus events? All of these are great achievements to share on your resume. If you haven’t, getting involved in these events is a quick, easy way to gain additional, relevant experience that makes you much more employable.

Remember that the section titled “Experience” on your resume doesn’t have to be limited only to work experience. Your life is filled with experiences that can be a valuable asset to any employer. Be creative, get involved – and always be on the lookout for fun ways build accomplishments for your resume.



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