YouTern Introduces #InternPro Twitter Chat

YouTern is grateful we’ve become a “go-to” resource for college students and young professionals seeking high-quality, mentor-based internships and career advice. We sincerely appreciate your support!

We’re now proud to announce the launch of #InternPro Twitter chat – the first of three new interactive media channels to enable you to enter the internship and working worlds with confidence, develop networking skills, secure mentoring relationships – and take charge of your career.

Think of these collaborations as YouTern, with more… YOU!

Real answers. Right now.

Each week, #InternPro will strive to host an extraordinary discussion. None of the same-old-same-old career topics. No echo chamber filled with “experts” (and no one else). Most important, no sales pitches and questions answered with blog links and self-promotion.

Mondays at 9:00pm Eastern!

Each week – in a fun, spirited, thought-provoking and always engaging discussion – you’ll gain the knowledge and confidence necessary to succeed in our highly-competitive job market.

Each chat will feature exciting and knowledgeable guest speakers including authors, internship experts and former interns thriving in successful careers. Each conversation is sure to improve your internship or job search!

This Week on #InternPro…

Featured on our initial twitter chat is Eric Woodard, a former White House intern who graduated to the White House staff and who is now the Founder and CEO of Great Intern. Eric has created and managed a series of internship programs around the nation’s capital where he’s had the opportunity to mentor hundreds of student interns to considerable success. Eric is also the author of Your Last Day of School: 56 Ways You Can Be a Great Intern and Turn Your Internship into a Job.

Join Us!

We are sure you’ll enjoy our chat on Monday, December 5 – and hope you can join the conversation. Remember to use the ‘#InternPro’ hashtag!

For more information on the remaining components of the InternPro collaboration suite, including our upcoming radio broadcast (“InternPro Radio”) and our InternPro LinkedIn group, click here.

See you on Monday, December 5 at 9:00pm Eastern for #InternPro chat!


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