In 3 Steps: Stop Putting Off Your Battle with Procrastination

Procrastination is a term most often related to people who wait until the last moment… deciding what they’re going to have for dinner, what they’re going to wear today and why they didn’t do their homework last week.

With the phrase “How to Beat Procrastination” being searched over 2.5 million times on Google each month, procrastination seems to have become a comfortable way of thinking; it may now be considered acceptable to frequently push responsibilities to the bottom of your To-Do list instead of taking care of those issues when faced with them.

This is probably especially true for college students who feel it is “normal” to be overwhelmed with school work and activities – and seem to have no set strategy to overcome procrastination.

There are three set strategies I suggest if you want to jump over the giant hurdle of procrastination. Before I adopted these anti-procrastination tools, I would always say “I’ll get to it later” or “when the time is right” – but it seemed the time was never right. Before I knew it I had lost several freelance clients and had made no progress toward developing organizational skills. I was highly stressed always because I could never complete tasks – and my life seemed to get more out of my control.

Beat your procrastination with these three easy strategies…

Plan, Using Google Documents

I like Google Documents because the online platform helps you keep your tasks organized – and enables you to  track and look over your progress. I especially enjoy the Google spreadsheets to organize my project deadlines. Using Google Documents version of Word, I can write, save and print a paper from anywhere.

The best part: you can access your Google Documents from any computer so your work is always available to you – so you don’t have to carry around as many notebooks or notepads.

Establish a Reliability Partner

Do you know someone who procrastinates more than you do? That’s the person you need to contact to be your reliability partner. Yes, I know you might be thinking “why should a person who is worse than me be my partners?”

When you tell this person that you’re trying to stop procrastinating and that you want their help to do so – you’re going to pop on a light bulb in their head. And, some people only act when they know they’re going to be responsible for someone else’s actions! Share with your plan with your Reliability Partner. Tell them you’re going to need them to check on your progress twice each week. And you’ll do the same for them.

If this person is not going to assist you, then continue to look for someone who will.

1 Hour of Focus

Each day, create one hour of productivity where you focus on one challenging task for one hour – and complete it entirely. No distractions. No busy work. Pure focus on one major issue that will cause you stress later if not done.

Once you’ve tried this focused hour a few times, look at your list on Google Documents – and see how much you accomplished! Continue this strategy over the course of the semester in college, or at work. You’ll find yourself happier and more confident, because you’re completing more tasks on time.

Your procrastination can really beat you up – if you let allow that to happen.

You can break the procrastination habit by following three easy-to-implement strategies. Stick with it and you’ll develop new productive habits that give you power to control your To-Do list – and set yourself up for success.


About the Author: Justice Wordlaw IV is an internet marketer . He helps companies and entrepreneurs understand internet marketing strategies to expand their business. Currently Justice is traveling around the U.S assisting his clients and building more relationships through networking events and releasing information products. You can find him on his website and follow him on Twitter and like him on Facebook.

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