Succeed with Your Internship Resume: Think Like a Rising Executive

From this moment on you are never allowed to say to anyone else that you are “just an intern.” This includes how you write your resume!

Agree? Please? Great.

I promise you, the resume is  still alive and kicking. When you first learn about a position and you decide to apply, isn’t your resume still part of that initial process? I bet 98% of the time it is, therefore… not dead.

Because the resume remains a very important marketing dossier; you should never, ever embark on the development of this marketing introduction with a “just an intern” attitude. You have more to promote. I guarantee it.

With that in mind, and to put this in perspective, here is what your internship resume is NOT…

An Ant Farm

I have a long-standing issue with career offices (sorry, I do) because they give each graduate the same advice: “You need an Objective (ugh!), followed by your internships with some achievements.” Where is the distinction? How is an employer to choose you over all the other graduates?

You are not to package yourself on paper or digitally across the web like every other candidate. Capiche?

An Excuse for a Ho-Hum Resume

I cannot tell you how many times an intern will communicate to me that they don’t need that much work on their resume, after all, they were “just an intern”.

There is no excuse for a ho-hum resume, LinkedIn profile or Twitter profile. My questions to reframe this thinking… Are you going to be an intern for the rest of your life? What are your aspirations? What contributions do you believe your internship prepared you to make?

Psst… a little secret: your resume is not led by where you have been. A resume is steered by what you promise and plan to deliver.

Not a Comparison to a Seasoned Worker

Your “competition” is not the 15+ year executive. Your competition is your classmate.

This means that instead of focusing on what you don’t bring to the table — you need to identify what sets you apart from your graduating class and predict what other new graduates, from other universities, might offer as well. Then hoist your marketing above that benchmark.

Please review this “not-just-an-intern” resume snippet below…

This resume sets the candidate apart from the competition by demonstrating they were a contributor, a team member and a leader. That just does not sound like an intern! More important, it shows the employer you’ll do the same for them – and take you right to the top of the candidate pile!

So… in summary, we are not going to say “I am just an intern” anymore. Instead, we think like a rising executive, and write our resume accordingly.

Right? Good. [Wink]


About the Author: Rosa Elizabeth Vargas has been helping job hunters for over seven years as owner of Creating Prints Resume Service. She leverages an accomplished 10-year career as a Leader/Senior Manager, and is highly experienced in interviewing, hiring, training, and building strong and competent teams. Rosa is a job search strategist, triple-certified as an (MRW) Master Resume Writer, (NCRW) Nationally Certified, and (ACRW) Academy Certified Resume Writer. Find out more about Rosa at her website, via Twitter.

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