Top 5 Social Media Red Flags for Recruiters

Are you currently looking for a job? If so, then you want to make sure that there are no questionable photos, tweets, or posts on the World Wide Web from you or about you.

A majority of companies use social networks, specifically LinkedIn, for recruiting new employees. (See: The State of Social Recruiting) According to a 2009 study by CareerBuilder, 18% of employers found content on social sites that influenced them to hire a candidate, while 35% of employers found content that caused them to NOT hire a candidate.

Since your social media profiles are available to almost anyone, even with privacy settings, it is important to keep a clean profile and stay away from certain actions. Here are the top five ways to ensure you never get hired:

Digital Dirt

This includes self-incriminating photos, discussion of drugs or alcohol, etc. The more dirt you have on your Facebook, Twitter, or LinkedIn the more likely you won’t get hired.

Terrible Troll

Cursing in your status updates and tweets and leaving aggravating and pointless comments will reduce your chances of landing a job.

Big Mouth

Make sure not to talk negatively about your past employers. And don’t talk about how much you hated your last job or boss over a Facebook conversation.

Copious Contacts and Comments

Who you are friends with or following can also impact your job search. If your “friends” post filthy comments on your wall, that gives you a negative image.

Positively Negative

No one wants to hire a Debbie Downer. If all of your posts and tweets are negative a future employer will see that and it will reduce your chances of being hired.

Have you cleaned up your social media presence lately?


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About the Author: Elizabeth Short is a recent graduate of James Madison University (JMU), with a B.S. in writing, rhetoric, and technical communication and a minor in communication studies. As an undergraduate at JMU, Elizabeth gained experience in writing and editing through various class projects and jobs. She was actively involved in Sigma Alpha Iota, an international music fraternity, and PRSSA while at JMU. Elizabeth enjoys learning new things and looks forward to learning more with Come Recommended.

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