Keep Employers From Deleting Your Internship Application

I want to not delete your internship application.

I want to learn more about you and why you’d be a great candidate for the position. Yet, when there are major things missing from an application, I can’t help but immediately trash it and move on to the next person.

I recently started as Community Manager at RecordSetter and I’ve been tasked with managing our internship program. I’ve been out of school less than two years but I now have first-hand experience with hiring interns. Between that and the countless tips I’ve heard at NY Creative Interns events, I’d like to share some secrets that will get your application past the inbox, and get you into the office for an interview.

Put the Name of the Company in Your Cover Letter

If I see a generic cover letter that has no mention of our name or position, I immediately delete it. It’s really surprising to see how many applications include no mention of either.  I want to know that you checked out our website and really know what the position entails. Never submit the same cover letter twice, always start from scratch. Yes, it takes more time, but it will pay off because you’ll sound more genuine and be saved from embarrassing mistakes like entering the wrong company name or contact.

Give Me a Link to a Social Media Profile

It doesn’t matter what type of position you’re applying for, you will automatically stand out if you include a link to a blog, Twitter account, Linkedin, or other online platform. Make sure the link you include is one that has been updated recently and doesn’t have anything weird or inappropriate to find. See more social media tips from NY Creative Interns.

Tell Me How You’ll Help Us!

I don’t want to hear that you need this internship to graduate or complete a class. Tell me why hiring you will be good for us. Will your experience gained while being part of a sports club make you a great co-worker? Will your experience as a Resident Assistant enable you to handle tough customer service issues? As you can see from my examples, even those applying for internships without other internship or job experience should be able to translate their “soft” skills from school activities into why they’d rock at the position.

Let Me Know When You’ll Be Available

This isn’t a deal breaker but will definitely speeds up the process and make you stand out. It’s hard to have a good internship experience if you can only commit to one day a week. If I see in your cover letter you’re available 2-3 full days a week that will definitely get my attention.

What do you think? Did I miss anything?  Share your thoughts in the comments below!


About the Author: Emily Miethner is Co-Founder and President of NY Creative Interns, a networking group for college students and recent graduates. She’s also the Community Manager at RecordSetter, the new home for world records. You can connect with her at and follow her on Twitter @EmilyMiethner.

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