Back to School Blog Series – for a Great School Year, and Beyond!

This week, YouTern is pleased to present a blog series dedicated to those who are working their way through school – while looking toward the Real World…

Each morning from September 12th through the 17th, we’ll present a blog post covering a topic important to your efforts at school right now – and beyond to your career. Join us throughout the week to gain important insights, from an insider perspective… regarding school-related finances; developing the skills you need for your transition into the Real World; and how to increase your success once you begin your career adventure:

Monday: Get a Job at Graduation: A Career Plan for College Students

Tuesday: How to Buy and Sell Your Text Books – Without Going Broke

Wednesday:  Does Your Major Really Define Your Career?

Thursday:  Your Smarts Get You Grades – But Your Value Gets You Hired

Friday:  Choose Your CAREer Before Choosing a Major

Saturday:  Reduce Your Tuition Stress: Financial Aid 101

We look forward to presenting this helpful blog series – and to a great week of sharing, education – and getting you ready for a great school year, and beyond!

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