Why Company Culture Must Be a Priority in Your Job Search

When looking for a job, the search can become relentless. When trying to focus on what one can offer a company, often the job seeker starts to forget about their own wants and needs.

This can be a fatal flaw in anyone’s job search because, while it might feel nice to finally get a job, if you don’t fit in with the culture of the company you probably will want to start looking for a new job.

So if you find yourself searching for a job right now, let’s take a minute to discover why a company’s culture is something you need to think about in regards to any potential employer (besides, asking about the company culture can be a great question in a job interview).

Company culture is essentially the personality of a given company. It can enable employees to achieve better quality work and feel more comfortable in their work environment. On the flip side, a company’s culture could also inhibit the level of work employees do while in the work place. According to CompanyCulture.com, there are numerous benefits of a good company culture. Some of these benefits include productivity, morale and motivation among employees, increased teamwork and cooperation, employee retention and company profits.

Companies must work to achieve a “good” company culture, but as a potential employee you can pick up on the culture fairly quickly during interviews. Ask yourself the following questions to help determine a company’s culture:

  • Would I be involved in the decisions that affect me?
  • Do the employees of the company focus on getting work done rather than politics?
  • Would I be personally responsible for my work?
  • Would I look forward to coming to work at this company?

If you can answer “yes” to these questions, you can be pretty confident in betting that you would enjoy and thrive in the company’s culture.

Do you have an ideal company culture? What is it?


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About the Author: Marissa Venurella is a public relations and marketing intern at Come Recommended. She earned a Bachelor’s of Journalism in May 2011 from the University of Missouri. She’s a news junkie and loves everything about social media.

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