YouTern’s Weekly “You Can’t Miss This!…” From Around the Blogosphere

Did you know scientists studied resumes to find which are the most effective? Neither did we – until we read one of the posts included in this week’s “You Can’t Miss This!…”

Read on to find out about that. Plus, learn why “Nobody Has Time for Interns”; get tips on how Twitter can make you a more powerful job seeker; find out how to deal with bad co-workers in your internship; and read why your personal branding “needs more cowbell”.

At YouTern, we spend a lot of our time each day reading and commenting on blog posts, and we often come across internship and career-related posts we know you would enjoy, but may have missed.

Here are several important posts we came across this week…

Internships: Are They the New College Degree? – Megy Karydes – (Twitter)

Written from the point of view of her own experience, Megy describes details the lessons and experience she gained from her internships while in college.

Does she think internships should replace a college education entirely? No. As Megy says in the post: ”Yes, college is expensive and you may not recoup that investment within the next five or more years, the reality is that a college education is still very valuable. Look beyond the classroom, though, for your experience.”

This Resume is Scientifically Proven to Get You More Interviews – Jessica Stillman – (Twitter)

You think you just wrote a kick ass resume? Well, put it to a scientific test.

Believe it or not, scientists studied this phenomenon by surveying hiring managers and using something called “term frequency-inverse document frequency”. Yeah, we don’t know what that means either – although we noticed they used the word ‘frequency’ twice in the title.

Don’t worry, you don’t have to be a scientist to read the post. And the test results might surprise you.

Nobody Has Time for Interns – Jodi Glickman (Twitter)

We often suggest to interns (both our interns and in our blog posts) “build your own internship within your internship.” Glickman echoes this sentiment in saying that today’s challenging economy has left companies trying to do more work with fewer people. As such, interns don’t always have a manager with sufficient time to closely manage their internship.

So, it’s up to the intern to be creative in getting the most out of their internship. Don’t wait to be managed… “figure out a way to be value add from the start.”

Make Your Tweets a Powerful Part of Your Job Search – Rosa E. Vargas (Twitter)

Social media can have a huge effect on your personal branding and your efforts to find a new job or internship… (and the effect can be good or bad). Rosa provides some terrific ideas for job seekers who haven’t explored Twitter as a job search tool. And some of her insights may have been overlooked by experienced tweeters, as well.

Dealing with Bad Co-Workers at Your Internship – Laura Jacobs (Twitter)

We’re taught to “play well with other” from the time we’re in pre-school. Unfortunately, some people didn’t learn that lesson. Most of your internships will be positive, rewarding experiences. Yet in others you’ll discover that even in the “professional” world, some people are un-professional. This post has some helpful tips on how to work with, and around, these people.

Personal Branding Without Purpose: A Job Seeker Black Hole – Mark Babbitt (Twitter)

To many, “personal branding” has become a catch-all phrase interpreted to mean “your brand will get you hired”. But as Mark Babbitt points out, a brand is just the packaging. “The purpose of branding is not to get a job”, he says.

Personal branding is not a “golden ticket to getting a job.” Unless the branding has a purpose… a product behind the brand, if you will… building your brand is pointless.

From scientifically-studied resumes to playing well with others, we hope you enjoyed this week’s installment of YouTern’s “You Can’t Miss This…” blog series. Join us each week for more “can’t miss” blog posts we found as we scoured the Interwebs for our readers.

And if you find any posts you think should be included for the next week’s “You Can’t Miss This…” hit us up on Twitter!

About the Author: Dave Ellis, is an original member of the YouTern team and instrumental to its success… in fact, he’s so awesome there wouldn’t be a YouTern without him (and he might have written this bio himself). In his spare time, Dave volunteers, rescuing and rehabilitating sea lions and baby elephant seals.

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