Recipe for a 21st Century Leader

This recipe is sure to please even the most finicky appetites for leadership. While perhaps none of the individual ingredients alone satisfies entirely, together they make the perfect entrée.


To inspire and motivate the remaining ingredients toward accomplishment of a common goal, start with two parts Vince Lombardi.

Since no effective leader is without charisma and cajones, immediately mix in the two parts Barack Obama and Mark Zuckerberg. If you feel particularly bold, and are more concerned about overall results than serving up a popular dish, add one extra part Zuckerberg.

Next, add a healthy portion of Sean Connery – who can make anything believable. Then, so your dish never becomes predictable or cliché, briskly add a full ladle of Lady Gaga.

Speaking of cliché – and despite the non-original selection of the ingredient – blend in one part Oprah Winfrey. After all, you want your leadership offering to be resourceful, and if necessary to build something huge, from nothing.

For further resiliency and the ability to reinvent when necessary, wisk in a generous portion of Steve Jobs. For a little zest and historical reference, simultaneously throw in a Mac from the 1980s and an iPad from 2010.

Now, with great finesse, gently pour in at least one portion of Abraham Lincoln. This ensures the leadership recipe will always do the right thing, even when the right thing goes against the status quo and popular opinion.

Lastly, to make sure your leadership concoction is entirely unique, blend in your favorite mentor. Your choice can make the dish spicier, or it may have the calming effect of comfort food. Either way, your choice here must be unique – and must be made for all the right reasons.


Prepare well in advance, and serve with healthy sides of honesty and humility. For dessert, we suggest the sweet ability to sincerely say, “I was wrong” and “thank you”.

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