Five Top Five for Serious Job Seekers: Career Mentors and Coaches

In Part Three of our five-part series “Five Top Five… for Serious Job Seekers” we discuss Mentors and Coaches – the individuals known for moving you, and your job search, in the right direction (and maybe just a little for their capacity to tactfully deliver “tough love”).

Almost every aspect of our “Five Top Five” series is free to the job seeker. Certainly, that has been the case for our first two segments: “Blogs and Authors” and “Must Have Online Tools”. And in many respects, that is true of today’s segment.

Each of the career experts noted below selflessly gives their time to many of the career-related Twitter chats, enlighten us through their blogs, and perform pro bono work for candidates. They also make their living mentoring and coaching job seekers on effective techniques that greatly increase the chance of gaining employment. And they do their jobs well. Very well.

In no particular order, here are the Top Five “Mentors and Coaches” available to you now:

Donna Svei

Donna is a strategist; a planner. While completing over 100,000 hiring decisions and 400 executive and professional searches, Donna has worked with Fortune 500 companies, major consulting firms, and some of the U.S.’s leading nonprofits. She also works with candidates on their “marketing materials” – your resume and social media profiles – to set you apart from the competition.

Donna is a resident, if you will, on Twitter as @AvidCareerist and serves as co-moderator of #HFChat – an every Friday career event. She can also be reached online at AvidCareerist.

Most Impact for You: Impeccable service in the executive and professional arenas, with the clear ability to help candidates at all levels.

Tracy Brisson

Tracy believes that with the right skills, attitudes, and behavior, individuals create their own opportunities, regardless of their background. With over a decade in recruitment prior to founding her own business, specializes in helping college students and young professionals quickly meet their professional and financial goals.

Tracy can be found regularly on Twitter and career chats as @oppsproject, and also at The Opportunities Project.

Most Impact for You: Dynamic coaching and career development.

Hanna Morgan

Known for her get-to-the-point yet compassionate career advice, Hanna partners with job seekers to build job search strategies and plans. Often comparing the job search to making a trek up a mountain, including the preparation and support necessary for a successful summit, Hanna is a firm believer that the job seeker is ultimately responsible for their career; she is merely the guide.

Hanna is known on Twitter as @CareerSherpa and can be found at her site, CareerSherpa.

Most Impact for You: No-nonsense advice and counsel for all experience levels.

Debra Wheatman

Debra is one of the first career experts we here at YouTern had the pleasure to know, and she is truly the real deal. She and her team provide executive career services, interview strategy and professional branding – including how to effectively use LinkedIn, Twitter and other social media – and take great pride in drawing out hidden strengths and marketable skills.

You’ll learn more about Debra on CareersDoneWrite and on Twitter as @DebraWheatman.

Most Impact for You: Tremendous experience and excellent track record.

Heather Huhman

Also a Five Top Five in the “Blogs and Authors” segment, Heather is a tireless worker on behalf of her clients and partners. It seems that Heather becomes fully vested in her candidate’s goals and ambitions – and she is admired throughout the industry for her passion. From personal experience, we can tell you that Heather’s willingness to share – and genuine desire to help – is second-to-none.

Heather can be reached at @HeatherHuhman on Twitter and at ComeRecommended and

Most Impact for You: Integrity, passion and a wide variety of experience that is a great match for Millennial

Also highly recommended:

Which professional career coaches and mentors have helped your career the most? Who would you add to this list? Let us know!

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