Career Experts Volunteer to Get Job Seekers “Hired for the Holidays”

Mark Babbitt, CEO of YouTern, is proud to support “Hired for the Holidays” – a collaborative effort by the career experts found on Social Media to help exceptional job seekers find work, one person at a time.


As you read the press release below, please consider joining our efforts as a sponsor. By using your expertise, personal network and a little elbow grease, you’ll make a huge difference during this holiday season – and into the New Year!

12.21.2010– To help job seekers find rewarding, gainful employment or career-enhancing internships, career experts who met on Twitter are volunteering their time in a collaborative effort they’ve deemed, “Hired for the Holidays.”

“There were 3.4 million job openings on the last business day of October, according to a recent Bureau of Labor Statistics report,” said Mark Babbitt, founder of Hired for the Holidays and CEO of YouTern. “We know jobs exist. Many people just have a hard time properly marketing themselves and getting noticed by employers. That’s where we come in.”

In early December, the U.S. Bureau of Labor Statistics reported:

  • The unemployment rate edged up to 9.8 percent in November
  • Average duration unemployed remained about the same at 33.8 weeks (-0.1)
  • Nonfarm payroll employment was little changed (+39,000)

After a recent Twitter chat, a discussion among several career experts concluded that many consistent contributors to our social media community were themselves unemployed.

“Collectively, we agreed that the holiday season is a perfect time to help our friends and colleagues – and Hired for the Holidays was born,” said Babbitt. “In just a few short business days following those initial discussions, Hired for the Holidays already had a ‘pay it forward’ mission, a website, and our first round of sponsors and candidates!”

In addition to Babbitt, the following individuals are founding “sponsors” (someone to mentor candidates to stay prepared, motivated and confident):

  • Becky Benishek, co-moderator of #careerchat on Twitter
  • Rich DeMatteo, founder of Corn on the Job and #jobhuntchat
  • Heather R. Huhman, founder and president of Come Recommended and co-host of #internchat
  • Chanelle Schneider, creator of #GenYChat

Each “charter” candidate, selected by a sponsor based on his or her avid participation in the aforementioned Twitter chats, will receive the following free services:

  • 8 to 12 weeks of one-on-one counsel with a career expert
  • 30 to 60 minutes of scheduled phone time per week with their sponsor
  • Access to several career experts within the HFTH team for niche support
  • Resume critique/edit/review by a professional resume writer
  • Analysis of the candidate’s online presence and reputation
  • Introductions to hiring managers within the candidate’s field of expertise
  • Name, bio and job search goals displayed on the Hired for the Holidays website

The charter candidates’ stories can be found on the

The Hired for the Holidays movement is actively seeking more sponsors – and candidates.

To become a sponsor, there are only three set guidelines:

  • Your expertise must be such that you can personally serve as a sponsor – and help your candidate find meaningful employment
  • All work done on behalf of the candidates is 100% pro bono
  • We ask that individuals serve as sponsors rather than your organization (for example, Mark Babbitt, CEO of YouTern, serves as a sponsor, but YouTern cannot)

Interested parties should tweet @HiredHolidays or send an e-mail tohere.

To become a candidate, you must:

  • Be “coachable”; the input you’ll receive from your mentor will be practical, honest and – most important – will help you find employment.
  • Be the “CEO” of your job search; the mentor’s role is to assist you – your role is to find work!
  • Agree to the “pay it forward” nature of Hired for the Holidays – this time next year, you agree to sponsor a candidate yourself, and help them find work.

Additional details regarding Hired for the Holidays can be found here.

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