Resume Statistics To Help Your Resume Evolve [Infographic]

resume statistics

I recently offered to help a friend craft her resume for a new job search. She turned down the offer. She explained that she still had her resume from 10 years ago and all she needed to do was add her recent employment information. After all, a resume is a resume, right? Unfortunately, this is a trap that many job seekers, even first-time job seekers, fall into. As the job market changes, your resume needs to evolve to catch the eye of today’s recruiters. Up-to-date resume statistics can help you build a new resume that will stand out from the crowd.   

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#OpenToWork: Help or Harm for Job Seekers Using LinkedIn?


Should you broadcast you are looking for work and use LinkedIn’s #OpenToWork? It’s that green banner around the LinkedIn profile photo. See what the data says then you can make an informed decision. Job hunting today is different than ever before. Rules and stigmas need to be broken. Especially for those that are unemployed.   

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Career Advice Straight from the Stars [Infographic]

career advice

At times, career advice seems to come from everywhere. From internet blogs to Sunday dinner with your parents, you just can’t seem to escape those little tidbits of knowledge meant to help you become a success. But who can you trust? How can you be sure that the advice you’re getting is good advice? Well, to be honest, you really can’t. Because everyone’s career path is different and no advice, no matter how well-intended, works for everyone. So, how about listening to some advice from people you may not expect to hear from? Career Advice from Celebrities Career advice can   

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Interviewing: A Critical Career Fact-Finding Mission


It is time to rethink how you approach interviewing. Consider a job interview a fact-finding mission…not an interrogation! If you prepare for your upcoming job interview using a new mantra, then maybe you’ll approach this event differently (less stressful).   

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Office Space: Creating the Perfect Remote Work Environment [Infographic]

office space

Remote work– it’s here to stay. The Covid-19 pandemic caused offices, and much of the world, to shut down. As a result, people had to learn how to work from home. Now, after nearly a year, we are re-evaluating the future of remote work. Studies are showing that much of the workforce is just as productive while working remotely. So, instead of asking if it can be productive, we want to be asking, how do we make it even more productive? One of the ways to do this is to create an office space within your home conducive to your best work.   

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The Best LinkedIn Strategies to Help You Land a Job in 2021

best linkedin strategies

In the month of January, the number one question I got from people who are looking to upgrade their careers was: What are the best LinkedIn strategies that I should be executing for my 2021 job search?   

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