Online Classes: A Timely Path to Professional Development

online classes

Online classes are an easy way to learn new skills. Check out these 16 training providers offering online classes and uplevel your skills at any time anywhere. Now is the best time to invest in learning new skills and focus on your professional development.   

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5 Reasons You Can and Should Start A Side-Hustle Today

side hustle

With its widespread popularity these days, starting a side hustle is no longer this crazy idea you read about online. There are real humans, some of whom you probably already know, who are increasing their income through their side hustle. Some have managed to convert those side-hustles into a full-time career and business.   

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The Extra Mile: How to Stand Out in Today’s Job Market [Infographic]

stand out

In response to the current global crisis, companies have been forced to change nearly every aspect of how they do business. This has had a significant effect on the job market. Though many employees have been given the opportunity to work from home during mandatory lock-downs, many more have simply been laid off. And with some business closing for good in the face of unprecedented losses, still, others find themselves with no job at all. The competition for the few open jobs available has become intense. How will you stand out from the crowd?   

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Working Remotely During a Global Pandemic [Infographic]

working remotely

Whether you have been staying home with your family, roommate, partner, pet, or entirely alone, it is hard to not feel some level of isolation in response to the state-at-home orders brought about by the coronavirus pandemic. Our daily lives have changed significantly over the last two months. And while working remotely may have been a dream scenario before this whole thing began, chances are the isolation is starting to get to you.   

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10 Types of People to Approach When Job Search Networking

job search networking

There are many types of people to approach when job search networking. The key is to be systematic about it. Just be sure you have some from each of these 10 categories.   

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How Professionals are Dealing with Covid-19 Crisis [Infographic]


Covid-19 has had an unprecedented effect on how we live our lives from how we socialize to how we entertain ourselves… and yes, to how we work. In response to the global crisis, many countries have instituted some level of mandatory lock-down that has changed the way we do business. Some businesses have closed leaving employees without a steady source of income. Others have allowed employees to work from home. So, how are professional employees faring in this new reality?   

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