Phone Interview Advice: The Long-Distance First Impression [Infographic]

phone interview advice

Talking on the phone with a stranger can feel awkward to begin with. When you add the pressure of an important job interview, it can become unbearable. You worry about what you going to say because your words are all you have to make a good first impression. That spiffy new outfit you bought to knock their socks off hangs in the closet, your firm handshake is useless (not that your hands aren’t shaking), and your body language is silent. On the phone, your words are all alone. You may needs some phone interview advice.   

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A Custom Cover Letter: Just as Important as Ever

custom cover letter

A custom cover letter may be as important as your resume.  It should be given the same amount of attention and contain just as much customization as you put into crafting your resume.   

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11 Essential Job Interview Questions Every Candidate Must Ask

job interview questions

You may have heard the cliché about “a job interview is not an interrogation.” Well, some statements have reached cliché status because they are so true, so often. But to make sure your next interview is a conversation (and not the dreaded interrogation), what essential interview questions should you ask?   

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Effective Communication: The Most Important Soft Skill [Infographic]

effective communication

Communication plays a big part in our lives. We communicate everyday all the time. With productivity on the rise, people need to do more but with less time to offer. Having clear and effective communication has become ever more crucial, and it’s a skill you can learn. Effective communication skills are one of the most sought-after soft skills in business.   

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Job Satisfaction: How to Be Happier at Work [Infographic]

job satisfaction

Another day another dollar. The alarm clock sounds and it’s time to drag yourself out of bed, imbibe copious amounts of caffeinated beverages and slog off to your 9 to 5 prison. Along the way, you find yourself wondering if Job satisfaction is even possible to happy at work. You spend half your life in the workplace, yet you can feel underpaid, undervalued, and overworked. What can you do to get your job working for you?   

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Advanced People Search: A Winning LinkedIn Strategy for 2020

winning linkedin strategy

Most people have been using LinkedIn for about ten years, and yet I still run into way too many people who haven’t found consistent ways to use LinkedIn to grow their business, brand, or land a great job opportunity. Thus, I’m going to dedicate my first five weekly articles of 2020 to helping you create an winning LinkedIn strategy that will get you the professional results you deserve.   

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