Job Interview Follow-Up: 5 Tips to Help You Get it Right

interview follow-up

You know how to research companies, tweak your resume and even how to answer tough interview questions.

But do you really know how to get job interview follow-up right?   

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How to Put Strategic Skills Employers Want on Your Resume

strategic skills

If you’re going to rock the job market and get interviews, then you have to put strategic skills on your resume.

The goal is to hit the sweet spot of alignment between what you want and what employers want…   

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Newbie Knowledge: 6 Things New Job Seekers Must Know

new job seekers

Hey, new job seekers, there are many things you need to know! Landing a new job requires you refresh your job search skills to keep up with the times. 

Take note, and gain some much needed newbie knowledge…   

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How to Foster Success by Improving Workplace Productivity [Infographic]

workplace productivity

One of the biggest challenges for any business is maintaining employee productivity. Often, companies employ incentive programs and various perks in an effort to keep their employees happy, healthy, and productive. But the onus isn’t on the company alone. If you want to succeed and keep climbing the ladder, you have to do your part, not just for yourself, but to inspire those around you. So, what can you do to improve workplace productivity?   

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What Makes You Stand Out? (Hint: Being Different is Good)

stand out

If you want to move forward in your career development, you need to know what you bring to the workforce.

Here’s a hint… being different is a good thing.    

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How to Highlight Soft Skills on Your Resume [Infographic]

highlight soft skills

Soft skills assessment is one of the leading factors affecting future recruiting trends according to LinkedIn’s 2017 Global Recruiting Trends survey.

So, how do you go beyond the buzzwords on your resume to highlight soft skills the company desires? And the company culture demands?   

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