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YouTern is grateful we’ve become a “go-to” resource for college students and young professionals seeking high-quality, mentor-based internships and career advice. We sincerely appreciate your support!

Now, we encourage you to participate in three interactive media channels designed to enable you to enter the internship and working worlds with confidence, develop networking skills, secure mentoring relationships – and take charge of your career...

InternPro by YouTern | Twitter Chat, LinkedIn Group and Radio Broadcast

Think of these collaborations as YouTern, with more… YOU!

Intern Pro Twitter Chat

Next Chat: March 19th!

Thanks to you, #InternPro chat is off to a flying start with about 100 participants each week and almost 1,000 tweets an hour, we hope you are enjoying the action packed chats!

We're most grateful for the diversity among those chatting... students, recent graduates, mentors, experts and social media enthusiasts... all in one place! The result is lively conversation and terrific advice to help get your career started right.

Thank you!

Join the #InternPro discussion!

We promise the #InternPro chat isn't one of those echo chambers filled with "experts" and nothing else. None of the "same old, same old" topics. No sales pitches. No questions answered with blog links and promotions.

Real answers. Right now.

Enjoy our chat on Monday, March 19th at 9:00pm ET:

"Is 'Follow Your Passion' the Worst Career Advice Ever?"

We’ve all heard this career advice in some form “Follow your passion” or “Do what you love and you’ll never really have to work”.

But for a current college student or recent grad, does this seem like good advice to give to them? At 20-something years old, do you yet know what your passion is? Do students and recent grads have the real world experience yet to know how their interests translate into a career?

Is ‘follow your passion’ the worst career advice ever?

Join the discussion and we’ll find out.

Join us Monday, 3/19 at 9pm ET!


InternPro Radio

Tuesday, April 17th...

InternPro Radio is "ON THE AIR"!

InternPro Radio is a live talk show dedicated to bringing together college students, interns, young professionals, thought leaders and career experts in engaging panel discussions and individual interviews on issues critical to making the most of your internship experience.

This is not a 60-minute infomercial. Nor is it a bunch of rah-rah chatter without substance. This is real world knowledge you can use right away!

Your hosts for InternPro Radio are Mark Babbitt, Founder of YouTern and Eric Woodard, Founder of Great Interntwo characters who know a thing or two about the internship world!

Join us for our next show...

Tuesday, April 17th
9pm Eastern/6pm Pacific

Our special guest this week is Michelle Demers, 1/2 of the Dynamic Duo at Super Interns.

We'll talk to Michelle about the benefits of virtual internships and interns - both for the student and the employer. 

InternPro Radio Listen Now!

Listen to our last show with Joe Gagliano of YouTern here!


InternPro LinkedIn Group

Join the Group Now...

YouTern + LinkedIn Groups = WIN!

LinkedIn has become known as the place for experienced professionals to network with their professional peers... and we've joined the party!

InternPro – a LinkedIn Group

YouTern's InternPro group on LinkedIn complements our Twitter chat series and has already become the place for young professionals to build and enhance networks of their own peers.

Join us for expert, mentor and peer advice, as well as discussions to make your transition from the theoretical world of the classroom to the realities of the Real World easier.

Like our Twitter chat, this LinkedIn group is not a sales and marketing tool. No pitches. No upsells. Just an  an interactive experience  to help you!

In fact, we're seeking out intern candidates, interns and young professionals to help us blog, facilitate discussions and moderate the group – and help us ensure the content is of great value to the members.

Want to blog, facilitate and moderate?

You can become an integral part of this effort by serving as a blogger, moderator and facilitator! This is a terrific opportunity to network, expand your sphere of influence and a great resume marker for you!

Shoot an email to – and we'll get you started!

Join the InternPro LinkedIn Group now!

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