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Internship Details
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Transportation after 10:30pm, free digital comics, ability to attend comic cons free as guests, interviews with creators, etc.
School Credit Available?: 
Internship Description: 

ComicsVerse is a company that treats comics and graphic novels as a high art and uses them as a platform to discuss issues like race, gender, sexuality, and inequality in an effort to effect positive social change through acceptance and tolerance.

Our website is a hub of analytical articles, written reviews, webcomics, podcasts, and videos that aim to lift the art form of comics while discussing personal, social, and political issues important to our time.

We are a startup company officially founded in 2016 and are looking for hard working interns that want to join our community.

Responsibilities include attending a minimum of 1 section meeting per week (can be done remotely), writing 2 articles per week, and attending orientation meetings.

As a reward, many interns are offered the opportunity to create content for video by joining our video talent team, video production team, or by interviewing creators at comic book conventions if the intern's work is above par.

For more information on ComicsVerse, please read an open letter by our CEO:

Here is an example of one of our podcasts:

Finally, please take a look at our company video:

To apply, please fill out the form on the bottom of this page:

There are no qualifiers for this position aside from a love of comic books and graphic novels or a sincere interest in them.

It helps if you have a history of writing and like to pitch content!

  • Researching and reading comic books and graphic novels in order to analyze them in blog format. 
  • Posting to various social media platforms. 
  • Scouring news sites for the latest comic book news to post on social media. 
  • Posting articles in Wordpress
  • interviewing comic book creators (artists and writers) 
  • possibly attending comic book events like conventions such as New York Comic Con 
  • possibly starring in video reviews or writing written reviews for comic books and graphic novels 
  • attending meetings online and possibly in person


Virtual/Telecommuting Offered?: 
Position Duration (Summer, Year-Round, etc.): 
Estimated Hours per Week: 
11 to 20
Travel Required?: 

Company Information
Company Name: 
Recruiter First Name: 
Recruiter Last Name: 
519 W 135th Street
New York
New York (NY)
Zip Code: 

Candidate Preferences
Minimum Education Level Required: 
High School Student/Diploma
Minimum GPA Preferred: 
3.5 or Greater
Industry Experience: 
No Experience
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