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How to Translate Book Smarts into Job Search Success

success puzzle

You’ve probably heard that it’s not exactly what you learn in school that counts – because the content itself is kind of like the weights you lift…

It doesn’t matter what color the weights are, what matters is the muscles they build, and your experience has refined muscles that you may not have even realized you’ve been building…   

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5 Things College Won’t Teach You About the Real World

What College Won

Both nerve-wracking and unforgettable at the same time, getting that first job is a milestone for every person.

Unfortunately, school doesn’t teach you everything you need to know about life after graduation… like these five things.   

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Are Your Expectations For Your First Job Realistic?

Workplace Expectations

Last week, I spoke with a startup business owner busily hiring his first round of entry-level talent. While he was excited to welcome newly-graduated Millennial talent for the versatility and depth of knowledge they bring in the world of social media, he also felt frustrated by the expectations he had encountered so far. From his point of view, it seems like every candidate expected Ping-Pong tables, long lunch breaks and free gourmet coffee 24/7, and he isn’t offering those perks any time soon. However, the opportunity he is offering feels like a golden one to him: the ability to learn   

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Life After College: What Can Recent Graduates Really Expect? [Infographic]

Several months now after graduating, many college students are learning there is/was a large discrepancy between their expectations and workforce reality.

For more about the expectations and attitudes of the younger members of our workforce, including how they find their first jobs out of college, check out this infographic from College Living…   

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Will That Unpaid Internship Be Worth It?

Is your unpaid internship worth it

“The purpose of a bona fide internship is to integrate classroom learning with practical skill development in a real-world setting,” Circuit Judge John Walker reportedly stated in a recent article about unpaid internships.

But, what exactly defines an internship experience like this?   

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5 Skills Needed to Score the Internship of Your Dreams

As the new fall semester approaches, you’re probably gearing up to find your next internship for the fall, or perhaps even the spring or summer.

Does it sound like it’s too soon? Perhaps at one time, that was true. However, in today’s job market, it’s never too early to get started…   

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