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6 Mistakes Job Seekers Still Make on Social Media

Social Media Faux Pas

Here’s a cold, hard fact: your personal status updates may be impacting your ability to land your next job.

We all know now that employers will search for you online at some point during the screening and hiring process. What you may not know is that what think may be hidden behind a curtain of privacy… probably isn’t.   

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The One Secret to Nailing a Video Job Interview [Infographic]

Nail the Online Job Interview

So you have a video job interview all lined up… perhaps on Skype or a Google Hangout. You’ve researched the company, the position and the recruiter. You know your stuff!

But did you know that body language during your online job interview can determine 80% of the final hiring decision?   

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10 Ways to Make Your LinkedIn Profile Scream “Hire Me!”

Hire Me

Whether you’re just graduating from college and looking for your first great job or a 30-year workforce veteran looking for your next job, your Linked profile – and specifically the ‘Experience’ sections – will make you… or break you.

Here are 10 ways to fire up those sections in your LinkedIn profile, and use this prime real estate to tell your unique “Hire Me!” story!   

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Social Media and the Job Search: Together Forever [Infographic]


With 98% of recruiters now using LinkedIn to help source and screen candidates, social media and the job search are forever connected.

But what are recruiters and hiring managers really looking for? How do they decide who makes the cut? How exactly do job seekers leverage social media in a way that places them near the top of the “must hire” pile?   

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LinkedIn Vs. Facebook: Which Platform Works Best for Professionals?

LI vs FB

We all seem to migrate towards LinkedIn as the professional network, right? Better connections, we assume. More sharing of valued content, perhaps. Certainly more experienced professionals than the “college students” we find on Facebook.

And then comes along this infographic from Brighton School of Business and Management that makes us rethink the whole LinkedIn vs. Facebook debate…   

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Try the “Google Yourself” Challenge [Infographic]


“The paradox of the Social Age: we simultaneously share too much, and too little.” – Unknown Despite all the warnings about being careful watch you post online, we’re supplying TMI freely and sharing inappropriate thoughts at will. The result for many: missed career opportunities. In fact, 86% of hiring managers have told a candidate they were rejected based on what was found online about them. That fact, and many more, are shared in this insightful infographic from BackgroundCheck.org. Take a look, and then remind yourself that any and all details about your life available online is self-volunteered. Be careful. Be   

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