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4 Ways to Demonstrate Leadership Skills Online

demonstrate leadership

As more companies try to do more with less, hiring managers are always on the hunt for candidates who demonstrate leadership skills.

But this leads to a difficult challenge for many younger job candidates…   

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The Comparison Chasm (or “No, You DON’T Want to Be Like Zuck”)

The Comparison Chasm (or “No, You DON’T Want to Be Like Zuck”)

Social media influences many aspects of our lives. If you’re a savvy user of social networks and online learning, you now have avenues into new opportunities that, until we entered the Social Age, never existed before.

And yet there’s an enormous amount of pressure to be successful in this innovative environment…   

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The Company We Keep: How to Find Success by Association

success by association

If we can be found guilty by association, can we find success the same way?

By hanging out with the “cool kids” on social media, can we raise our own stock value?

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5 Ways to Build Your Personal Brand on Twitter


According to Jobvite’s 2015 Recruiter Nation Study 47 percent of recruiters use Twitter to find potential candidates.

Here are five easy ways to use Twitter effectively to build your professional brand…   

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Beyond Simple Networking: 5 Ways Social Helps Build a Personal Brand

Build a personal brand

Is there more to social media than just networking? Can social media really help me build a personal brand? Will social help me find and maintain a fulfilling career?

The answer to all of those questions is… yes!   

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6 Reasons LinkedIn Remains the No. 1 Career Networking Site

LinkedIn Remains No 1

LinkedIn is often maligned for being spammy or ineffective. And that may be well-deserved. After all, most of us have experienced accepting a connection only to immediately see a message in our inbox with a full-on sales pitch. As a result, as you read Millennial-focused career sites you’re bound to see posts extolling alternatives to LinkedIn, declaring it dead, or suggesting alternatives to “growth hack” your career. While career networking should certainly include a wide range of tactics and networks, one point is very clear to those in the know: LinkedIn – despite the faults – remains the No. 1   

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