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Why You Must FINALLY Use Social Media to Job Search

Social media job searching

It is quite possible you’ve read many articles like “14 Ways to Use Twitter to Land a Job” or “8 Ways to Get Recruiters to Find You on LinkedIn.” In fact, there is a good chance you’ve read posts like that by me, or right here on YouTern’s The Savvy Intern.

But here is the million dollar question… Are you doing it? Any of it? Even a little bit?   

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7 Social Media Do’s and Don’ts During a Job Search


In the Social Age, almost everyone has at least one social media account. After all, social is a easy and fun way to keep in touch with friends and family – and also showcases your personal brand.

With that, of course, comes the fact that recruiters and employers will check you out online as you apply for work…   

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The Twelve Days of Christmas: Social Media Style


Like you, YouTern is getting into the holiday spirit this week… sing along everybody, as we present ‘The Twelve Days of Christmas… Social Media Style!’

On the first day of Christmas… a stranger sent to me…   

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How to Create and Manage an Outstanding Online Reputation

Create and Manage Your Online Reputation

How does the world see you? How does your “personal brand” differ from your reputation? What changes do you need to make in your online presence?

Maintaining control of how you are perceived is easier than you might expect…   

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The Digital First Impression: Benefit from Being You [Infographic]

Billions of us are now using Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn and so many more social sites. In the next decade, especially as developing nations become more connected, it is estimated several billion more will join us online.

And what do all of those social networks do for colleges, employers, mentors and influencers? They make you searchable…   

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5 Mistakes Many Young Entrepreneurs Make on Social Media


You’ve been hard at work all day. You finally have a couple minutes to yourself and decide to log in into your social media outlets to post a status about your shiny new job or venture. Next thing you know, you’re completing BuzzFeed quizzes and cursing silently at your friends who just got back from vacation in Hawaii. Does this distraction validate all the naysayers who claim that entrepreneurs shouldn’t be on social media? Absolutely not! While it’s easy to get distracted or even depressed while browsing through a news feed, social media is an incredible resource for entrepreneurs. And what   

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