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How to Become the Perfect Candidate in 3 Steps [Infographic]

How to Become the Perfect Candidate

During the job search, everyone wants – no, needs – to create a great first impression. But as many job seekers have found… this not-so-small task is easier said than done.

So how do you create a unique first impression in your resume, online presence and during the job interview – all at the same time?    

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Job Seekers on Social Media: How Do You Ensure Success? [Infographic]

Social media infomercial

As many job seekers have learned, simply being “on” social media isn’t enough. To succeed, you must be an active participant.

In this infographic from Aerotek, you’ll understand why job seekers must go “all in” on social media…   

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Job Seekers: Here’s How to Customize Your Social Media Profiles

social media

Today, 28 percent of people’s time online is spent on social media networks. In fact, the average internet user spends 1.7 hours every single day on social media.

If you’re hunting for a job, it’s pretty likely that you’re also spending some time using social media in your job search.    

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10 Ways Young Pros Can Perfect Their LinkedIn Profile

LInkedIn Logo

Congratulations! You’re now among the 350 million or so
people and entities working to improve their brands on LinkedIn!

Now: How are you going to distinguish yourself from the crowd? How will you, among all those candidates and companies, stand out?   

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12 Things Job Seekers Must Know About LinkedIn Recruiter


Job seekers have been hearing for years now that they need to be on LinkedIn both to find a job and to gain professional validation.

Well, if Jobvite’s recent statistic that 94% of recruiters see LinkedIn as the most popular place to vet candidates for their open positions is not reason enough for you to be on LinkedIn properly and professionally, let me give you one more: LinkedIn Recruiter…   

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Is Big Data (and Your Boss) Watching Your Job Search?

Watching You

Chances are that your employer is watching internet use at work. But monitoring social media feeds and collecting big data through automated tools puts job seekers really under the microscope.

Any job search “twitch” on social media could generate a report to your boss…   

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