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A 7-Day Plan for Landing your Next Job or Internship

Job Offer

The job or internship search can be draining, especially when none of your leads come to fruition. So draining, in fact, you may feel like you lack the motivation to continue.

But, instead of halting your job search entirely, consider taking smaller steps toward achieving your end-goal of landing a great internship or job…   

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5 Ways to Make Yourself Visible Online

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More and more, recruiters are turning to the Internet to look for talent with exactly the right set of skills.

This means that in order you’ll need to proactively manage what you put online in order to show up on a recruiter’s radar… and not just on LinkedIn.   

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5 Things You MUST Do to Remain Relevant in Today’s Job Market

Find a Job

Meeting the new needs of today’s job market means we must become more visible to the world, enabling recruiters to find us and also to find good information about us that supports our job searching.

And it also means passing the “first impression test” as recruiters do extensive research on the Internet. Typically, they are looking for three things…   

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What Does Your Online Image Say About You? [Infographic]

Did you know that 56% of adults don’t actively think about the consequences of their online activities? In the Social Age, that is a bad move!

To learn why, check out this infographic from Microsoft, which shows the consequences of not carefully protecting your online image…   

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These 5 Social Media Personalities May Be Unemployable

Social Media Trolls

If you’ve heard it once, you’ve heard it a thousand times: your social media presence can impact your job search.

In fact, results from a survey of 1,855 recruiting and HR professionals across different industries suggest that your online “personality” may have more of an impact than you think…   

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How a Personal Website Can Boost Your Career [Infographic]

Personal Career Website

Looking for a way to stand out among all your job seeking competition? Have you considered a personal website?

To help determine whether a personal website may be the right career move for you, check out this infographic from Branded.me!   

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