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How to Put a Positive Attitude to Work in Your Job Search

Positive Attitude and Job Search

Job search, not unlike moving to a new town alone, is often disconcerting… even frightening. For many, attempts to find work can turn confidence into insecurity, and shift calmness into anger and patience into pushiness.

Fortunately, many have found ways to positively channel this anxiety and energy. They have propelled their search—and with it, their attitude—forward…   

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Build a Better Personal Brand Thru Powerful Online Profiles

Social media bio

Your online biographies – Twitter profile, LinkedIn headline and summary, Google+ Tagline and Facebook description – provide potential employers, colleagues and networking contacts with insight into what kind of person you are, and why the two of you should meet.

Writing a bio is both an art and a science. These suggestions will help you find the right balance of interesting, intriguing, promotional, and truthful…   

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These 7 Steps Turn Twitter into a Powerful Job Search Tool

Twitter Job Search

When I talk with job seekers about Twitter, I often get a curious look. I try walking them through my process for building their personal network or connecting with potential new employer, but that doesn’t seem to work. Twitter is often one of those things people don’t get until they dig in… and try it for themselves.

Here’s the seven steps I share with them, so when they do try Twitter they see the value to their personal brand and network… and understand how Twitter can be a powerful job search tool…   

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#60Day Challenge, Day 7: Social Media Sanity Check

#60Day 7 of 60

Today, Day 7 of the #60Day Challenge, we help you determine if you’re doing social right, and perhaps where you might need to improve, with a Social Media Sanity Check…

So how do you know if all that work you’re doing online – work you will certainly continue doing during the #60Day Challenge – is paying off? To learn the answer, we’ve developed what we call a “Social Media Sanity Check”. To get started, thoroughly answer these ten questions.   

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#60Day Challenge, Day 6: Make Facebook Your Career BFF

#60Day 6 of 60

We hear it all the time: “My Facebook account is personal!” Wrong!

Over three-quarters of recruiters confess they use your Facebook account to pre-judge you. A whole bunch more won’t admit it… but they do, too.

So why not use that to your advantage? Why not position yourself as infinitely employable… on your Facebook page?   

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#60Day Challenge, Day 5: Reboot Your Twitter Bio

#60Day 5 of 60

Day 4 is behind you – and right next to that shiny new profile pic from Day 3 is a sparkling LinkedIn headline that creatively states your unique value proposition. So for Day 5 of the #60Day Challenge, we’re going to take all that good social karma and visit your job search best friend, Twitter. There, you’ll take your Twitter profile from “Meh” to “Marvelous!”…   

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