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The Do’s and Don’ts of Writing a Rockin’ Resume [Infographic]


Your resume, despite all the flaws that come with a hiring system that depends on them, remains a key component of a successful job search. And yet not many of us are aware of the “ground rules” that come with writing a resume.

This infographic from our friends at CollegeAtlas.org provides answers to some of those “do and ‘don’t” questions, and will help you begin the challenge of writing a rockin’ resume…

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The Top Job Search and Resume Trends for Summer 2014

Job Search and Resume Trends Summer 2014

I’ve been reading a lot lately about the top recruiting trends projected for this summer, and I realized this is a great opportunity to show you what’s going on in the recruiting industry.

With this knowledge, you can reverse-engineer strategies aimed at meeting recruiters where they are… and giving your job search a boost.

So, here are eight of the big trends recruiters will be following this summer, and how you can model your job search accordingly…   

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Build a Better Resume: Ignore These 5 “Rules”


Many of the “rules” have changed.

Technological advances and the economic downturn have combined in recent years to create a significant effect on what works, and doesn’t work, as you job search.

Resumes are no exception…   

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Want the Job? Your Resume Must be a Mirror (Not a Window)

rear view mirror

Is your resume like a pane of glass – where the recruiter looks right past you to see somebody, else? Or instead, does your resume reflect your skills, qualifications and employment potential – like a mirror?

Do yourself a huge favor: in just a few minutes follow these 3 steps – to update and position your resume so it more accurately reflects you…   

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Does Your Resume Accurately Reflect Your Personal Brand?

personal brand

Here’s a great resume tip from Shawnice Meador, Director of Career Management and Leadership Development at MBA@UNC.

To stand out among your career competition, your resume should show employers more than just your skills and experience. Your resume should paint a picture that describes “who you are, if you will fit the company atmosphere and job position,” Meador says. Here are some ways to ensure your resume accurately reflects your strong personal brand…   

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5 Common Resume Mistakes (And 5 Quick Fixes)

Quick Fix

Writing a resume is easy. Right? You just type your responsibilities, a few metrics and just the right amount of buzzwords onto a Word doc. And voila, send that resume to every job posting you find.

Wrong! Resumes are strategic marketing communications that must be created thoughtfully… and with some oomph…   

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