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Why You Must Quantify Accomplishments: Numbers Speak Louder Than Words

quantify accomplishments

When drafting a resume, the one piece of paper that’s going to convince someone to give you a job based on your concrete accomplishments, what should you do instead of writing a paragraph of adjectives to describe what you did in a convincing way?

Get rid of all that and quantify accomplishments with numbers.   

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Gain an Advantage: Learn to Craft the Perfect Resume Summary

perfect resume summary

After posting an open position, hiring managers don’t have time to review every resume that’s submitted. You can gain an advantage by learning to craft the perfect resume summary. Your summary statement is a brief paragraph placed at the top of a resume (but after your contact information) that states your qualifications for the job.    

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Tailored Resumes: How to Show You’re the Best Candidate for the Job

tailored resumes

Follow these steps to carefully tailor your resume for each job. Sure, it’s extra effort.

But by doing so, you’ll become that candidate who’ll make a recruiter jump on their swivel chair a la Tom Cruise, and shout “Finally… got one!”   

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Resume Overshare: What Not to Share with Prospective Employers

resume overshare

You know that Facebook friend you have who’s plastered across your dashboard because they tend to overshare?

Yeah, that stuff is just as obnoxious on your resume, except you’re going to be the one who loses out…   

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Resume Writing: 5 Timeless Truths that Win Job Interviews

resume writing

After 16 years as a career coach, I’ve probably reviewed over 8,000 resumes, read countless articles and books on the topic, and spoken to hundreds of recruiters about what they look for.

While hiring managers and recruiters have their own personal tastes and styles, some resume writing tips are timeless truths that win them over every time.    

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Spring Cleaning Time: 6 Easy Steps to a Shiny New Resume

spring cleaning shiny new resume

It’s easy to fall in a rut when it comes to creating and building a resume. That template you used in Microsoft Word 2007?

Probably a good idea to do a little spring cleaning… and come up with a shiny new resume.   

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