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10 Things Employers Want to See in Your Online Profile Images

online profile images

That’s right: your online profile images on social media can make a great first impression, or underwhelm the very person you’re trying to impress.

So the more attention you pay to your online profile images, the better chance you have to impress!   

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6 Self-Promotion Secrets Without the Bumbling, Bragging or Being a Jerk

self-promotion secrets

No one wants to talk about the self-promotion secrets we all need to learn in order to thrive.

Too bad, because self-promotion is no longer just a professional responsibility. It’s a career survival skill…   

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How Job Seekers Create a Great Personal Website (And Why They Should)

personal website

A personal website isn’t just reserved for brands and creative professionals. A branded website or landing page can be a great tool for job seekers of all levels and industries. In certain industries like design, specific areas of advertising and marketing, writing, and fine arts, the personal portfolio or website has always been a key component of one’s professional marketing portfolio. But job seekers in other fields can benefit from having a basic website to complement their resume, LinkedIn, and cover letter, and using it as a platform to expand upon the content in those documents. Bonus: they’re pretty easy to create these days.   

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7 Simple Ways to Improve Your LinkedIn Summary

linkedin summary

Because the LinkedIn summary typically shows up near the top of your profile, it’s one of the first things a person sees when looking at your profile. It has also gained much higher importance since LinkedIn revised their app last fall. The first 78 characters (including spaces) of your Summary are now prominently displayed near the top of your profile when it appears on the app.   

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Branded: A Basic Personal Branding Checklist

personal branding

Personal branding: a puzzle only a few have solved. What are some of the common components of having a solid personal brand? Successful personal branding has multiple must-haves.   

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A 7-Step Self-Directed LinkedIn Profile Review

LinkedIn Profile Review

Congratulations on becoming a card-carrying member of the LinkedIn Club! Now, your job is to create the best possible online presence. Often, after your first pass, this includes a LinkedIn profile review.

To help with that, and to create the best LinkedIn profile possible, here’s how you can get started on a self-directed, review of you presence on LinkedIn…   

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