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5 Keys to Demonstrating Critical Soft Skills on Your Resume


Now we’ve come to realize that soft skills are just as important when it comes to growing a company. Soft skills are considered to be behaviors and traits such as adaptability, critical thinking, people skills, likeability, time management and so forth.

Essentially soft skills are those that aren’t as hard driving or as up front. Often times they are skills that have more to do with your personality, making them slightly more difficult to put on paper. That’s why how you present them is crucial in whether or not you’ll get the job. The following are some ways to effectively & strategically incorporate soft skills into your resume.   

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Build a Better Personal Brand Thru Powerful Online Profiles

Social media bio

Your online biographies – Twitter profile, LinkedIn headline and summary, Google+ Tagline and Facebook description – provide potential employers, colleagues and networking contacts with insight into what kind of person you are, and why the two of you should meet.

Writing a bio is both an art and a science. These suggestions will help you find the right balance of interesting, intriguing, promotional, and truthful…   

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Does Your Branding Resonate with Employers? Are You Flawsome?


Everyone has one. Soon-to be graduates do. Recent grads do, too. So do workforce veterans. They all have a personal reputation or professional reputation, or both. The question is, how do you market this reputation so it resonates well with future employers?

How about becoming “flawsome”?   

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Twitter 101: How to Tweet Your Way to a Strong Personal Brand

on twitter

Used correctly, Twitter has become a valuable tool for building your online reputation and bringing you to the attention of employers and recruiters.

Used incorrectly, however, the opposite is also true… you can quickly ruin your reputation and career credibility…   

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Does Your Resume Accurately Reflect Your Personal Brand?

personal brand

Here’s a great resume tip from Shawnice Meador, Director of Career Management and Leadership Development at MBA@UNC.

To stand out among your career competition, your resume should show employers more than just your skills and experience. Your resume should paint a picture that describes “who you are, if you will fit the company atmosphere and job position,” Meador says. Here are some ways to ensure your resume accurately reflects your strong personal brand…   

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Personal Branding: The New Black?

Personal brand

I’m going to coin a new phrase.

Branding is the new black.

Okay, well, maybe it’s not that new. But it is true.

It’s not just companies that are brands these days, people are brands, too. If you want to be remembered, especially by potential customers or employers, it’s crucial to define what makes you different. Here are three steps to doing just that.   

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