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How Job Seekers Create a Great Personal Website (And Why They Should)

personal website

A personal website isn’t just reserved for brands and creative professionals. A branded website or landing page can be a great tool for job seekers of all levels and industries. In certain industries like design, specific areas of advertising and marketing, writing, and fine arts, the personal portfolio or website has always been a key component of one’s professional marketing portfolio. But job seekers in other fields can benefit from having a basic website to complement their resume, LinkedIn, and cover letter, and using it as a platform to expand upon the content in those documents. Bonus: they’re pretty easy to create these days.   

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What You Need to Know About Your Online Presence [Infographic]

online presence

We spend a ton of time online… but do we really know how all that time contributes to our overall online presence? Our digital first impression?

Maybe not, but thanks to this concise infographic from Domain.me, here’s what we do know…   

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5 Things You MUST Do to Remain Relevant in Today’s Job Market

Find a Job

Meeting the new needs of today’s job market means we must become more visible to the world, enabling recruiters to find us and also to find good information about us that supports our job searching.

And it also means passing the “first impression test” as recruiters do extensive research on the Internet. Typically, they are looking for three things…   

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Online Presence: Much More Than Hiding Spring Break Pics [Infographic]

Social media watch what you post

By now, we all know to go through our social media profiles and hide those pics with red solo cups, underwear on our heads, and big letters on our chest from the big game.

But your online presence is more than that… much more. And how recruiters perceive you will depend greatly on how well you proactively manage the online version of you…   

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TMI: Killer of a Solid Second First Impression

Second First Impression

Your value proposition is clear. Your resume is immaculate; the LinkedIn Profile perfect. Your cover letter could have been written by Shakespeare (well, except for the use of “thou” and “leadeth”).

Based on these points alone, every recruiter in the universe would want to interview you. So why aren’t you getting any calls?   

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A+ or F: What Grade Does Your Online Presence Get?

Online Presence Grade

As most recent graduates know by now, job hunting is quite the challenge.

What they may not fully understand is how their online activity may be preventing them from getting hired. Most graduates simply don’t spend enough time cleaning up their online presence as they search for jobs, according to a survey by Abine…   

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