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Online Gone Bad: 4 Social Media Habits Professionals Must Avoid

social media habits

No matter what your goals for social media are, or your “choice of poison,” it’s crucial to keep one important thing in mind: your social media habits can make or break your career. 

Even grey areas result in pink slips…   

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12 Easy Ways to Start Executing a Great Personal Branding Strategy

personal branding strategy

If someone searches your name online, what comes up? Is your online persona associated solely with the company you work for? Separating yourself from a corporate entity can be difficult and time consuming. If you want to be your own person, however, you need to start personal branding today.   

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Searching Social: Finding a Job on Social Media [Infographic]

searching social

To help you navigate the complex interaction between social media and your job search, we present the following infographic from Rawhide.org.

In it, you’ll find statistics that reveal the immense power of social sites to make you job search successful. It will remind you, however, that social media can also break your chances of landing your dream job.   

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