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How to Make Quality Connections Within Your LinkedIn Target Audience

linkedin target audience

What percentage of your connections are in your LinkedIn target audience?

If you strategically improve the quality of your LinkedIn network by connecting with people in your LinkedIn target audience, you’ll be better positioned to enhance your brand, find a job, assist your favorite nonprofit, or grow your business.   

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8 Networking Tips for Today’s Workplace Newbies and Newpreneurs

networking tips for those sailing unchartered waters

In your professional career, how important is networking? How do you approach networking, which is perhaps more are than science?

Would some proven networking tips help?   

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Time to Dust Off Your Old LinkedIn Connections (And Start Using Them)

old linkedin connections

Are you collecting old LinkedIn connections like you used to collect baseball cards? Are they just sitting there, like that box filled with baseball cards, gathering dust?

Well, it’s time to take action and use LinkedIn to maximize those relationships…   

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New Graduates: 10 Steps to Help You Navigate Your First Job Search

first job search

Just graduated college? Ready to start your first job search? Put some extra effort in planning your first job hunt!

The first steps: researching where you want to work and, just as important, starting the professional network that will support your career for many, many years…   

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Custom LinkedIn Invitations: The Key to a Smooth Connection

custom LinkedIn invitations

In case you haven’t heard, you should always use custom LinkedIn invitations to connect. But it isn’t always easy.

Here are two secrets to help you send custom LinkedIn invitations…   

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The VIP Inside Track: 5 Proven Ways to Connect with Hiring Professionals

hiring professionals

Bringing yourself to the attention of hiring professionals is a very good way to earn your next job offer.

Here are 5 ways to find that Very Important Person who helps you make that connection to the right job for you…   

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