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Are You Skipping This Critical Step When Networking?


At the end of a long day at a networking event, we probably have a stack of business cards in our pocket. But when everyone is back home or in the hotel, then what? What becomes of those cards?

Despite the best of intentions, eventually most look at the card pile and think “I’ll get to those later” which at some point turns into “Where’s the trash can?” And that’s where we fail at a critical part of the networking process…   

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Networking Olympics: Going for Career Gold


No doubt: networking is the most effective method of finding work. But how does a young professional get good at networking? Where do they go to learn best practices?

How do they go… for networking gold?

This week the #InternPro chat on Twitter had a lively discussion about the “Networking Olympics: Going for Career Gold”…   

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5 Tips to Exponentially Expand Your Professional Network

exponential increase

“Networking” is term that gives many that sick feeling, especially among us introverts. However, if think of it in terms of simply building relationships, the idea of networking may be much more palatable.

Here’s the thing – your network is the people you know. It’s the starting point. Your starting point…    

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It’s Time to Re-Think the Informational Interview


Let’s stop using the term “informational interview”. That phrase sends the wrong message. Worse yet, it’s only job seekers who ask for them! In fact, let’s re-design the typical process of obtaining this type of meeting.

So let’s do this: If you are serious about your career, stop asking for informational interviews. It’s great to network. But let’s re-design the process and position your request differently! This should yield better results.   

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Top 5 Things Recruiters Wish Job Seekers Knew About LinkedIn

Linkedin profile

Even though LinkedIn is the number one online tool for professional recruiters, the experience is often frustrating. Many recruiters fail to find the candidates they need – not because of problems with the site itself, but because simple profile mistakes by candidates.

With that in mind, here are the top 5 things recruiters wish you knew about LinkedIn…   

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Personal Networking: 4 Reasons You Can’t Afford to Wait

Personal Networking

On Twitter this week, a message from Susan Avello (@susanavello) really stuck with me this week: “Build your network before you need it.”

That simple sentence inspired today’s blog. For job seekers and young careerists, the message is simple: life and business change fast, you need to always be one step ahead…   

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