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LinkedIn: Still Your Best Professional Network

Linkedin Professional development

If you’re interested in professional development or professional networking, there is still no replacement for LinkedIn.

So how do you cut through all that crap and use LinkedIn to build your career? Here are some pointers…   

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Leverage LinkedIn Groups to Jumpstart Your Job Search

LinkedIn groups

LinkedIn is a great resource, but you have to find ways to stand out from the crowd of nearly 430 million people.

Learning how to utilize LinkedIn groups is one major way to jumpstart your job search. Here’s how!   

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The Perfect LinkedIn Profile: Just 18 Steps Away [Infographic]

Perfect LinkedIn Profile

Everyone has heard how important it is to leverage the power of LinkedIn.

But do you understand exactly how important it is to build today’s perfect LinkedIn profile? Or know exactly how do to that?   

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Your Current LinkedIn Profile: A Great Beginning or Dead End?

Current LinkedIn Profile: Great Beginning or Dead End

You may think your current LinkedIn profile is perfect. But is it really a great beginning… or a dead end for employers and recruiters?

Here’s an in-depth look at some often overlooked but game-changing profile sections and tools on LinkedIn…   

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What Exactly Should You Include on Your LinkedIn Profile?

Linkedin Profile questions

“Should I put [fill in the blank] on my LinkedIn profile?” I’m asked this question several times each week. And here’s how I typically answer:

If you’re unsure about whether you should put something on your profile, I suggest you start by asking yourself three questions…   

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How to Leverage Linkedin to Launch Your Career

#InternPro_Twitter leverage LinkedIn

We all know the many benefits that come with LinkedIn: networking, job seeking, career advancement etc. But what about the benefits for someone who is just starting out?

How can young careerists leverage LinkedIn to launch their careers?   

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