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#60Day Challenge, Day 24: Learn to Sell Your “Now” Skills

#60Day 24 of 60 Learn to Sell the Now Skills

36 days from now, Amy – the fictitious job seeker helping us with our “skills assessments” these last couple days – is going to be sitting across the table from a recruiter.

This will be her first interview since completing the #60Day Challenge, and she’s anxious to put everything she’s learned to the test…   

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#60Day Challenge, Day 23: Know Which Skills You Have… Now

#60Day 23 of 60 Which Skills Do You Have

Yesterday on the #60Day Challenge, we spent time leveraging a powerful job search tool: a skills required assessment. Today, we compare the skills you have now to those you’ve determined are necessary for success in your career choice. Perhaps most important: we discover which skills you still need to obtain in order to be considered a top-tier candidate.   

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#60Day Challenge, Day 22: Know Which Skills You Need

#60Day 22 of 60 Which Skills Do You Need

The #60Day is a two-month marathon where you, over the course of two months, spend 60 minutes each day completing a task that will put you in a much greater position to get hired. Today, Day 22 of the challenge, our focus goes to a valuable (yet hardly-ever-used) job search strategy: the skills required assessment.   

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Do Your Soft Skills Make it Hard for Employers to Resist You?

Soft Skills Hard to Resist

How is a young professional supposed to compete when everyone has a degree, an impressive internship or three, and a Klout score of 74?

Fear not. Dollars to doughnuts, you have far more valuable skills at your beck and call than you can think of right now. Skills you may not even know you have…   

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Skills, Not Seniority, Move Your Career in Today’s Workplace


It’s difficult to watch a newcomer come in and be given a position you’ve been working toward for a while.

What about your experience, the relationships you built and loyalty to your company? In today’s highly competitive job market, the value of seniority is changing. Today, it’s about skills and results, not time spent in an office chair.

We spoke with several hiring managers about the state of the traditional career ladder.

We found some interesting changes that you should be aware of while mapping out your career plan:   

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Home Schooled: Online Courses for Re-energizing Your Job Skills

Online Courses

Just a decade ago, online learning was viewed as a second-rate form of education. Today, this technology-based learning method has become more prominent for students and young working professionals. In fact, it’s increasingly seen as the more preferred method of study, for students seeking online college business degrees or young professionals looking to re-energize their career.

So let’s look at how online courses can play a part in lifting up a young professional’s knowledge base and expanding their career and hiring opportunities.   

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