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To Be Hired Today: Earn an Employee Referral

employee referral

Being recommended to the employer by a current employee is usually the best and fastest way to a new job. Known as an “employee referral,” a referred candidate is five times more likely to be hired than a candidate who was not referred.

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The Consultant Mindset: How to Win Today’s Job Search

consultant mindset

What is a “consultant mindset”? And what does it have to do with finding a new job? Some of my colleagues will boo me for this, but based on the success of some of my clients over the past year, presenting a resume first is not always the answer. Instead, find work by leveraging the mindset of a consultant. In other words: present solutions first, then your resume. In fact, if you have a clear, well thought-out approach, and present short and long-term solutions to employers, a resume will be an afterthought. (Look at your keyboard, and now look at   

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How Students Find (and Find Time for) a Great Job

great job for students

You can successfully combine work and studying if you find the right job for your needs.

Here are six strategies to help you find a great job while still in school…   

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Today’s Smart Job Search Goes Beyond Job Boards

smart job search

Recruiters are searching relentlessly online for qualified candidates because job postings are less effective today.

So rather than spending all of your job search efforts on job boards submitting applications, today’s smart job search means incorporating these two mindsets…   

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Changing Careers? How to Look For Your Next Dream Job

changing careers

Changing careers can be scary. It can mean competing against people with far more experience than you have, and trying for positions that may not pay as much as you’re used to.

Perhaps the most intimidating part of the process, though: finding those new jobs.   

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To Get Hired: Be Found Where Recruiters Look

where recruiters look

Today, if you aren’t easy for recruiters to find and obviously qualified for the job they are trying to fill… you are invisible to them. Recruiters today are in a hurry to fill their jobs. The reason they don’t take more time is simple: the majority of recruiters are measured on their “time-to-hire” — how quickly they fill job openings. So, most recruiters don’t have, or take, the time to read a complete resume or social profile to determine if you would be a good fit for the job they are trying to fill. If you aren’t obviously qualified for their job opening,   

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