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The 10 Hottest Jobs for 2016 [Infographic]


If you’re reading this on YouTern, chances are you’ll be looking for a job or internship soon. And you’ve come to right place!

Today, our help comes in the form of this infographic from JobCluster, which outlines the ten jobs that are predicted to see the highest demand in 2016…   

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Job Marketing Approach: Should I Be General or Specific?


Let’s say you have a little experience in different areas of marketing and sales. While they go hand-in-hand to some degree, selling yourself as a jack- or jill-of-all-trades within marketing and sales won’t be as effective as targeting your approach.

Sure, you can have multiple resumes, cover letters, and even bios, but what about the platforms where you’re confined to a singular identity, like LinkedIn or social media?   

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2016 Job Market Report: The State of Hiring in the US [Infographic]


So what does hiring in 2016 really look like? How many employers plan to increase headcount this year?

How will the workplace continue to evolve? What skills do employers look for in new team members? What will be expected, even more than in the past, of employers?   

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Job Interview Challenge: What to Do When the Trail Goes Cold


The job hunt is full of many frustrating delays…

Even if you blast through the basic frustrations such as finding the right job, writing a compelling resume and crafting an effective cover letter, you can still get hung up on someone else’s schedule: the busy HR manager.   

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You’re 4 Simple Steps Away from Job Search Success in 2016


Here are some further steps that will put you in control of your job search and help you find a new job in 2016.   

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Does Your Personal Brand Label You (and Limit Your Potential)?


I was asked an awesome question today by a client who had been looking at some of my competitors’ website: “Why do you charge one rate for most resumes instead of charging based on experience level?”   

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