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9 Ways to Use Email Wisely When Looking for Work

use email wisely

A job search today often requires communicating with employers and recruiters by email. Which means you must take the time to learn use email wisely while looking for work.

Here on 9 ways to use email wisely during your job search…   

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Facebook Job Searches: Current Reality or Career Myth? [Infographic]

Facebook job searches

Facebook is by far the largest social networking platform, But how many job seekers are actually using Facebook Job Searches to actively seek employment?   

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9 Things You Must Know About the Recruiting Process

recruiting process

Wouldn’t you love to know what human resource professionals are really thinking during the recruiting process?

Now you can. Get the inside scoop on the 9 things that really matter to HR…   

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Top 10 Behavioral Interview Questions (And How to Answer Them)

behavioral interview questions

One cliché we’ve all heard is that past behavior predicts future behavior. That may or may not be psychologically sound, but it is the theory behind behavioral interview questions.

Many recruiters believe that the best way to gain insight into how you’d handle certain situations is to ask you to tell a story about how you handled a similar situation in the past…   

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Surprising Job Search Facts and Funny HR Statistics [Infographic]

funny hr stats and job search facts

Perhaps the most useful feedback from HR professionals comes in the form of statistics. In this infografic from Insider Hub, we share with you some fun and interesting statistics that can tell what to do, and what not to do, when you’re looking for next job.   

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A 7-Step Self-Directed LinkedIn Profile Review

LinkedIn Profile Review

Congratulations on becoming a card-carrying member of the LinkedIn Club! Now, your job is to create the best possible online presence. Often, after your first pass, this includes a LinkedIn profile review.

To help with that, and to create the best LinkedIn profile possible, here’s how you can get started on a self-directed, review of you presence on LinkedIn…   

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