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3 Things Job Seekers Need to Know About Mentorship


Twice a year, a 70-year-old Italian immigrant-turned-millionaire CEO walks into Cortese’s restaurant in Binghamton with his 20-something Haitian mentee and orders the same exact dinner: baked salmon, pork chops, Caesar salad with Italian crumbly and a side of gnocchi. While this scene sounds straight out of the movie “Finding Forrester,” it’s just a typical dinner with my long-standing mentor, Angelo Mastrangelo.   

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4 Winning Tips for a Successful Job Interview [Infographic]


You worked hard to secure that job interview. And you know: to win the job you must win the interview!

Despite some of the complicated advice you might receive, winning the interview often comes down to four factors…   

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4 Ways an Entrepreneurial Mindset Ignites Your Job Search


Most of us seem to think that the traits of successful entrepreneurs only apply to CEOs and business owners. Consistently thinking like an entrepreneur, however, can take you a long way toward accomplishing many goals, especially when vying for a new job.

Here are four ways you can call on your inner entrepreneur during a job search…   

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10 Ways Social Media Shows You Are the Perfect Candidate

perfect candidate

Many job seekers want to keep their private lives private. But what if you could improve your chances of being the selected candidate by using social media? Consider this: A June CareerBuilder survey of more than 2,000 hiring managers and human resource professionals revealed that 43% of employers use social networking sites to research job candidates. While the report discusses the negative repercussions of social media, it also illustrates how a positive online impression can sway employers: “One third (33 percent) of employers who research candidates on social networking sites say they’ve found content that made them more likely to   

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The 6 Toughest Job Interview Questions Ever

Toughest Job Interview Questions Ever

With any job search, your success depends on a stellar interview performance!

The trouble is: to make sure you’re the person they really want to hire, employers are going to throw some difficult questions your way… and you better be prepared with some very good answers.   

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Job Hunting? Use These 5 Tips to Stand Out!


Have you submitted your hundreds of times… and gotten no response? Maybe you’ve tried networking… and are too often disappointed in the lack of leads that ensued?

There is nothing more frustrating than the rejection and indifference experienced during a job search. To break the cycle, you must find a way to stand out in your job search!    

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