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6 Keys to Writing the Perfect Cover Letter

Cover Letter Advice

True, 50% of recruiters will never see your cover letter. But what about the 50% who take the time to read them and, in part, base their hiring decisions on what they read?

For those decision makers, do you really want to submit a resume without a cover letter? Be dismissed by a recruiter for a lack of effort?   

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How Will You Make the Next 30 Days Matter?

30 Days

On Facebook and Twitter, I’ve seen a bunch of my peeps already planning their 2015 New Year Resolutions. Instead of making the best use out of the last month of the year, they are busy planning for the things they could-might-maybe accomplish next year.

It’s only December 1st – and they’ve already thrown in the towel on 2014!   

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What is The Most Important Hack in Networking?

Most Important Rule of Networking

“Good networking is all about building good relationships,” business coach Alisoun Mackenzie explains. “Selling at people just turns them away.”

If that news has you scrambling to revamp your networking strategy stat, slow down for a sec—because Mackenzie’s favorite hack, the 80/20 Rule, is here to help…   

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10 Rookie Mistakes You Can’t Make on LinkedIn

value 2

Over 300 million job seekers have flocked to LinkedIn to network with fellow professionals and connect with employers.

Yet many of them actually hurt their personal network, and greatly reduce their chances of being contacted by a recruiter, because they make one or more of these 10 rookie mistakes on LinkedIn…   

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8 More Statements That Take Your Resume from Generic to Great

Career Start

Shortly after we published “These 12 Statements Take Your Resume from Generic to Great” the news featured three stories exhorting candidates to focus on their resume accomplishments rather than responsibilities. We’re thrilled for this trend, because as our friends at Jobscan said then: “What is one of the best pieces of resume writing advice you’ll ever get? Frame your experience in the form of accomplishment statements, rather than responsibilities. This best practice shows hiring managers the specific things you did and how well, rather than a list of things that anyone else would have done in the same roles.” When taking your   

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3 Job Search Tips I Wish I Knew Way Back Then

I Wish I Knew

In December 2012, a technical writing major graduated from the University of Idaho.

As she walked to receive her diploma, she felt two overlapping emotions: relief and panic. Relief that tests and grades were a thing of the past; panic that she now had the overwhelming task of finding a job with a liberal arts degree. That technical writer was me.   

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