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Want the Job? Solve My Problem!


No matter the job, the industry or the experience level, every hiring manager on the planet – whether they need a dishwasher or a VP of Rocket Science – has the same focus: Solve… My… Problem.

How does a candidate know the recruiter’s immediate problem? How do you determine what challenge are they trying to resolve by filling this position?   

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Classroom to Cubicle: How Life Changes after Graduation [Infographic]


This time of year, many soon-to-graduates are contemplating going off into the “real world.” New jobs, new lives, and new responsibilities are just around the corner!

But what does that new life typically look like for a recent graduate?   

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Why Resume Little White Lies Are a Big Mistake [Infographic]


Ever since the Great Recession, companies are focused on shortening learning curves, building a great culture and doing more with less. This means, of course, they must hire the best.

For job seekers, this means competition has never been tougher. It also means that many are more-than-willing – in order to compete well on paper – to tell little white lies on their resume…   

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The Best Careers Based on Your Personality Type [Infographic]


We each have our own personality types… some of us are more adventurous and gregarious… while others are more low-key and appreciate structure.

So why not, as this infographic from Truity says, pick the best career based on how we think, our values, our preferred lifestyle and how we interact with others?   

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How to Tell Your “Hire Me” Story [Infographic]

How to Tell Your Story

You get asked “Tell me about yourself?” or “Why should we hire you?” A good answer keeps the interview moving at a fast pace. A bad answer stops the interview in it’s tracks; effectively, the interview is over.

So how do you answer these critical questions… how do you effectively tell your “hire me” story?    

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The 10 Must-Have Career Skills for 2015

man pushing graph

Even with unemployment falling, the job market is tight; in most industries, employers remain in the drivers’ seat. So if you’re looking for a job or internship for now or this summer, having the right resume skills on your resume is a must.

But what skills are most in-demand? What should we be learning and improving? What should we be “selling” to employers?   

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