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Try the “Google Yourself” Challenge [Infographic]


“The paradox of the Social Age: we simultaneously share too much, and too little.” – Unknown Despite all the warnings about being careful watch you post online, we’re supplying TMI freely and sharing inappropriate thoughts at will. The result for many: missed career opportunities. In fact, 86% of hiring managers have told a candidate they were rejected based on what was found online about them. That fact, and many more, are shared in this insightful infographic from BackgroundCheck.org. Take a look, and then remind yourself that any and all details about your life available online is self-volunteered. Be careful. Be   

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The One Job Interview Question That Blows Recruiters Away

The One Job Interview Question

Simple. Straightforward. Non-specific. Not particularly exciting.

And yet this is the one question that blows recruiters away during a job interview…   

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Stay Inspired: Here’s Your 2015 Job Search Checklist

2015 Job Search Checklist

Simply Hired traditionally sees visitors increase by 30 percent each January compared to the previous December. So it comes as no surprise to us that “Get a better job” is consistently among the most popular New Year’s resolutions. But now that we’re a few weeks into 2015, and those new year goals aren’t quite as shiny and new as they used to be, how to you turn this resolution into reality? Here’s a job search checklist, and some suggestions, to help you stay inspired: 1. List What You’re Thankful For Attitude impacts everything in your job search, from when, how   

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40 Common Reasons Recruiters May Reject You

Reason Recruiters Will Reject

Do you know what messages your words and body language send? What your style of dress and written communication say to others? How your online presence affects your perceived personal brand?

We often live inside our own heads so much, we forget that in every interaction we are being evaluated…   

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The Power of New Year Realizations (Not Resolutions)

New Year

The start of a new year motivates many of us to make a fresh start… a deliberate attempt to change and improve our lives – and careers. And, of course, this leads to the creation of a new set of New Year’s resolutions.

Before you jump in and start making your list for 2014, I’d like to suggest a different approach…   

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6 Keys to Writing the Perfect Cover Letter

Cover Letter Advice

True, 50% of recruiters will never see your cover letter. But what about the 50% who take the time to read them and, in part, base their hiring decisions on what they read?

For those decision makers, do you really want to submit a resume without a cover letter? Be dismissed by a recruiter for a lack of effort?   

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