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5 Ways to Build Your Career While Still in College

College Career

The days are getting shorter, and the leaves have begun to change colors and fall. You’ve wrapped up that summer job, said goodbye to your family and are heading back to college. Don’t let the excitement of seeing your friends and beginning classes distract you from an important task: building your resume. While the economy is recovering from the 2008 recession and unemployment rates are improving, for recent graduates (ages 20-24), the situation can still be quite frustrating.  The unemployment rate for recent grads is at about 5%, but 45% are underemployed, working in low-skilled and low-paying roles. Follow these   

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A 7-Day Plan for Landing your Next Job or Internship

Job Offer

The job or internship search can be draining, especially when none of your leads come to fruition. So draining, in fact, you may feel like you lack the motivation to continue.

But, instead of halting your job search entirely, consider taking smaller steps toward achieving your end-goal of landing a great internship or job…   

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The 6 Most Common Resume Questions: Answered

6 key questions

When trying to craft the perfect resume, everyone puts a lot of pressure on themselves. There’s so much riding on the result!

But, try to relax. Take a breath. We promise you, it is possible to make yours stand out from the pack (after all, they have to hire someone!)…   

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5 Ways to Make Yourself Visible Online

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More and more, recruiters are turning to the Internet to look for talent with exactly the right set of skills.

This means that in order you’ll need to proactively manage what you put online in order to show up on a recruiter’s radar… and not just on LinkedIn.   

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Soft Skills vs. Hard Skills: Which Wins the Job Offer?

Soft Skills Versus Hard Skills

You’ve spent a great deal of time in the classroom, online and during internships learning technical, or hard skills. But how much time have you spent learning soft skills like communication, leadership and analytical thinking?

According to this infographic from Jobma, we may not be dedicating enough time to development of soft skills…   

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Your First Job Offer: Consider Accepting or Keep Looking?

Most Interesting Man Offer

You have an offer – congratulations! A company is impressed enough that it thinks you would add value, which is a testament to your skills and abilities. But, perhaps after several internships under your belt and a lengthy job search… it is the only offer you’ve received. To accept or not to accept? That is the question. Which makes now the perfect time to consider your motives, goals, likes and dislikes, as well as your career path. For many individuals, this deliberation process is easier said than done. To jump start your brainstorming process, consider the following questions. Will the   

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