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Why Your Generic Branding is Killing Your Job Search

Clear Focus

The issue with the generic self-introduction so common on social media: No one ever knows how he might define fast-learning. And no one ever knows what kind of problems he solved. Yes, employers definitely need people to solve problems, but in today’s job market…

To be impressed, job seekers must provide context, social proof and, most important, focus.    

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Long-term Trust or Single Transaction: Which Will Get You Hired?

Trust or Transaction

I’m sorry to break it to you… but getting hired doesn’t often happen as a result of a single transaction like submitting a resume online. Or attending one networking meeting. Or a single Twitter chat.

And this often leads to very real frustration, like when you don’t get a response after submitting your online application…   

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How Easily Can Employers Find You?

Are Employers Finding You

Having an online profile that attracts employers and recruiters is critical to a successful job search. But, the best profile will be useless to you if those employers and recruiters you’ve worked so hard to attract have no way to reach you once they find you. So don’t play hard to get!

If an employer or recruiter is interested in making contact, you must make it very easy for them to reach out… because being difficult to contact causes opportunity to evaporate…   

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7 Ways to Truly Understand How to Network Into a Job

Network Your Way Into a Job

Cody McLain reveals his biggest networking faux pas, and offers advice for how to stand out at a networking event.

Recently, YEC spoke with Cody about his experiences networking, and his advice for others aspiring to improve their own experience. His best advice is below.   

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What is The Biggest Mistake a Job Seeker Can Make?


The No. 1 mistake made my job seekers isn’t a secret. But at some point in their careers, many do it anyway.

It something that is so alluring that it’s almost irresistible. It preys upon our hope… and our fears at the same time. It builds us up… only to see us come crashing down.

What is this heart-breaking mistake?   

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Are You Sending a Powerful Resume… or a Dull Job Description?

Impactful  Resume

With a seemingly infinite number of approaches, styles and formats out there, all suited to specific industries and positions, you need to choose the resume that puts you closer to your intended result – which I presume is landing the gig of your dreams.

So… spoiler alert: I’m not here to tell you how to write your resume. I am, however, going to show you one way not to write it…   

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