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5-Minute Resume Tricks That Will Get You Noticed [Infographic]

resume tricks

Every time you submit an application, your resume competes with 250 other resumes from candidates seeking the same position.

So getting noticed, and getting noticed fast, is the key to a successful job search…   

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Networking Events: Here’s 8 Things You Should Never Say

brustein-networking events

Networking events are opportune times to make business connections, so consider what you should and should not say when you are introduced to new people.   

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The 2016 Job Search: How Much Has Changed Over Previous Years?

2016 job search

How much has the 2016 job search changed over previous years? More dramatically than most can imagine.

The type of jobs available, prevalence of high-tech positions geared towards a younger workforce all contribute.    

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6 Steps to Managing Today’s Job Search (and Your Career)


Years ago, we started every job search by tweaking our resumes.

Today’s job search starts with the really difficult step of self assessment and, just as important, market-place assessment…   

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Before You Apply: Know the Company Inside and Out

know the company

For many job seekers, a successful job search means winning the war for employment. “Know the enemy” is one of the foundation elements in winning a war. This idea was first expressed by Chinese general (and philosopher) Sun Tzu many, many centuries ago.   

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13 Tips to Help Nail Your Next Job Search [Infographic]

Job Search Infographic

So few good jobs and internships available. And so much competition.

So how do you stand out? How do you know you’re doing everything possible to win this all-important competition?   

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