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Common LinkedIn Mistakes: How to Stand Out from the Crowd

common linkedin mistakes

If you are still putting off joining LinkedIn, now is the time to dive in.

Here’s a list of fairly common LinkedIn mistakes, so if you want to stand out from the crowd be sure to avoid them…   

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Startup Job: Where to Find the Excitement and Adventure

startup job

Positions in up-and-coming startups are not as easy to find. Tracking them down is not as simple as browsing the corporate webpage’s lob listings.

So, how can those with a taste for adventure find jobs at startups?   

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A Job Search Playlist: The Solution to Your Job Search Problem [Infographic]

job search problem

We have instant access to countless apps to make everything simpler, from navigating traffic to finding coupons for the best deals and managing our music playlists. Indeed, these tools have made many aspects of our lives easier and more organized. And yet, many of us continue to struggle with a job search problem.   

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Seven Tips to Keep Your Job Applications Organized

job applications

During the job application process, you might end up applying for dozens of jobs. With so many job applications, and months of wait time to hear back about positions, it’s only natural to get a little confused. Keeping track of your job applications is imperative, so track the jobs for which you’ve applied and your follow-up responses using these seven tips.   

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Job Interview Follow-Up: You Can Learn How to Do It Better

job interview follow-up

You know how to research companies, how to tweak your resume and even how to answer tough interview questions, but do you really know how to follow-up after the interview? If you’ve been invited to interview, it means the company is already interested in you. You will either seal the deal or blow the show. What can you do to woo the employer and land the job?   

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The 7 Best Possible Pieces of Job Search Advice for 2016

job search advice

Your aunt gives you her suggestions about resume objectives. You’re getting contradictory job hunt advice from two newsletter subscriptions. Everyone has something to say. It can get confusing. Here, we’ll cut through the clutter and give you the seven best pieces of job search advice we’ve seen so far this year.   

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