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Beyond the Resume: 11 Ways to Grab an Employer’s Attention

RIP Resume

Many smaller firms and start-ups are learning that a resume isn’t the best away to determine talent, potential or culture fit. So we started thinking: what would happen if the resume no longer existed? And we asked our friends at Young Entrepreneur Council (YEC) this question: If resumes are dead (or dying), how does a potential employee get your undivided attention? Here are some of the answers sure to make you think twice about relying on a resume to find your next gig:   Make Specific Suggestions I am always impressed by people who come to us with specific ideas   

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The Two Job Interview Techniques You Must Master

Job Interview Focus Confidence

In the human resources and career development worlds, the acronyms “STAR” and “CAR” get thrown around a lot. And for good reason: both are highly effective techniques for demonstrating a job seeker’s aptitude for working well in challenging situations. So you can master these proven job interview (and personal branding) techniques, let’s take a look at both STAR and CAR: When to Use Them Both methods can be used during behavioral interviews, meaning interviews that focus on how a candidate acted in certain employment situations. The logic behind this comes down to a common recruiting phrase, “The past predicts the   

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How to Create a Wildly-Effective Career Portfolio


It wasn’t too long ago that only a few career fields – graphic design and fashion, for example – required a portfolio.

In the Social Age, however, when online resumes, LinkedIn profiles and visual content (think Pinterest and Instagram) are the norm… career portfolios aren’t just making a comeback… they becoming a prerequisite to landing your dream job…   

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Finding it Hard to Show Soft Skills on Your Resume?

Sherlock Holmes

While known for his intellect, Sherlock Holmes’ lack of people skills is well-documented.

So it’s a good thing he has John Watson to teach him what those people skills, or soft skills, are: adaptability, leadership, ability to communicate, problem solving…   

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How Much Has the Job Search Changed in 20 Years? [Infographic]


How much has the job search changed in the last 20 years?

One word: “unrecognizable.”

This infographic from BCL Legal Recruitment shows exactly how someone that last job searched in 1994 wouldn’t even recognize the job hunt best practices used during 2014…   

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Why You Must FINALLY Use Social Media to Job Search

Social media job searching

It is quite possible you’ve read many articles like “14 Ways to Use Twitter to Land a Job” or “8 Ways to Get Recruiters to Find You on LinkedIn.” In fact, there is a good chance you’ve read posts like that by me, or right here on YouTern’s The Savvy Intern.

But here is the million dollar question… Are you doing it? Any of it? Even a little bit?   

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