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The Successful Job Seeker Versus the Unsuccessful [Infographic]

successful job seeker versus unsuccessful job seeker

Whether you just started looking for a new job or you have been searching for a while, you know that the job hunt can be an extensive and exhausting progress. There are those who beat the search… and those who let the search beat them.   

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The 4 Job Seeker Types You Don’t Want to Become [Infographic]

four job seeker types

We get it. You need a job or internship. Now.

But there are some job seeker types employers just don’t handle well… some lines that job seekers just can’t cross.   

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The Discreet Job Seeker: How to Job Hunt on the Down Low

discreet job seeker

Carrying out a job search while still being employed can prove to be something of a double-edged sword. Employed people tend to be more attractive to employers, though finding work while working can be dangerous.

Let’s take a look at how a discreet job seeker can land a great new job without alienating their current employer…   

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The Job Seeker Mistake That’s a Real Deal Killer


One hidden mistake. That’s all it takes. Especially a job seeker mistake. And most people don’t even know that they are making this one mistake that can seep down into your psyche and truly wreak havoc.

Well, what is this completely avoidable mistake almost every job seeker makes, even today?   

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The New Rules for Today’s Successful Job Search

rules for a successful job search

The new rules for a successful job search are not difficult to understand But, these rules have changed substantially from those religiously followed in the past.

To understand what works today for successful job search, follow these new rules…   

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How to Stand Out From the Crowd… and Get Hired!

stand out and get hired

With an improved economy, there are many other people – your competitors – looking to leave their current gigs and move onto better opportunities. So how do you stand out from the crowd?

Here are the dos and don’ts for finding a job in that can boost your odds of getting hired…   

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