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The 5 Deadly Sins of the Social Age Job Search

Whether it has been 10 weeks or 10 months since you’ve looked for a new job or internship, you’re likely finding it to be a much different (and much harder experience) than you expected. You’ve adapted, adjusted and compromised. You’ve done everything in your power to learn about the Social Age job hunt. Still, you’re hearing crickets – and you are getting nervous. Maybe your job search isn’t quite as bad as it seems, however. Maybe you just need to tweak a few things to get it moving again. Perhaps you’re committing one of the six job search deadly sins:   

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These 12 Statements Take Your Resume from Generic to Great


If you want to write the best resume you can, one of the most consistent pieces of advice you’ll get is to frame your experience in the form of accomplishments, rather than responsibilities. This method is effective because it shows hiring managers the specific things you did, rather than a list of things that anyone else would have done in the same roles. It takes more work, but the payoff is a resume that makes it clear you’re a catch.   

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Here’s Exactly How to Decode Those Confusing Job Titles


“Accounting Ninja.” “Conversation Architect.” “Social Media Unicorn.”

What are employers thinking with these job titles? The reality is that employers are getting more creative with their hiring processes. Whether it’s asking job seekers to jump through hoops during the application process or   

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4 Ways an Entrepreneurial Mindset Ignites Your Job Search


Most of us seem to think that the traits of successful entrepreneurs only apply to CEOs and business owners. Consistently thinking like an entrepreneur, however, can take you a long way toward accomplishing many goals, especially when vying for a new job.

Here are four ways you can call on your inner entrepreneur during a job search…   

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3 Unique Job Interview Questions You Must Be Ready to Answer


During a job interview, it can be difficult to determine who has the right skills, so I’ve worked over the last four years to refine my ability to assess them.

The following are the three questions I ask every candidate (and you must be ready to answer)…   

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Job Seekers: Are Your References REALLY Available Upon Request?

References NOT Available Upon Request

Since the dawn of the Social Age, many aspects of the job search have changed… except one:

The reference check.

Just like they did decades ago, most companies still call 3 of your references. They still ask them direct questions about you, measuring both the words and the passion in the answer provided. And despite how much they can learn about you on social media, they still won’t hire you until this process is complete.   

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