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Rejected by LinkedIn: The Job Seeker Lessons Learned


I would love to work for LinkedIn. The company has a great product and is famous for treating its employees well; both reviews and surveys indicate the company has a good culture.

So, full of hope, I sent my resume and cover letter to apply for a marketing job at LinkedIn. They didn’t think I was good enough…   

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8 Costly Assumptions Job Seekers Just Can’t Make


The process of looking for a job or internship is rife with possible assumptions—about job requirements, company culture, what happened during the application and interview process and even what you believe you can achieve.

Here are eight assumptions about job search and how you can keep them from holding you back.   

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Is Your Resume Unintentionally Unprofessional?


Getting so caught up in the hurricane of the job hunt can leave you with loose, unintentionally unprofessional details in your resume… the little details can crush any and all chances for an interview.

Unfortunately, hiring managers can spot these small blunders from miles away…   

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Let’s Cut Your Job Search Time in Half (Part Two)

in half

In Part One of this post yesterday, we asked you to consider eight questions from both the applicant side and the recruiter side of a job opportunity. Our goal: to help determine: is there is a mutually-beneficial match?

In most cases, as frustrating as it may be to hear, there is not a match…   

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Let’s Cut Your Job Search Time in Half (Part One)

in half

Are you applying for the right jobs? Are you qualified for those jobs? Do you appear credible to the hiring professional who decides to bring you in for an interview? Or are you eliminating yourself in the first few seconds?

Especially in a tough market, many job seekers apply for every job they can find whether it’s a true match or not…   

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Career Realism: How to Know if You’re REALLY Qualified


Reading job postings and, with an objective frame of mind understanding what the employer is really after, is a skill everyone needs to learn. If you don’t evaluate each job qualification and align it to something you offer, you’ll be spending valuable energy on a proverbial wild goose chase.

Do it correctly, however, and you create a magical match between what an employer wants and what you have to offer!   

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