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There Are 3 Types of Job Applicants: Which Are You?


Hiring a full time employee for my Los Angeles office has been an eye-opening experience, as both a hiring manager and a career consultant.

Granted, over the course of my recruiting career I have hired for hundreds of jobs; I’m used to the influx of under-qualified applicants…   

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3 Essential Steps to Take Before Your Job Search Begins


So you’re ready to find your first job, or next job? You can’t wait to begin firing off applications!

But, wait just a minute! Are you really ready to begin your job search? Do you have all the i’s dotted and t’s crossed? Will you, right now, make a great first impression?   

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5 Ways Recruiters Really Find Top Candidates

how do recruiters find you

Sometimes… recruiters succeed where applicant tracking systems (ATS) fail.

While applicant tracking systems (ATS) have the ability to store and sift through resumes based on desired skills, they cannot make judgment calls about candidates. Because applicant tracking systems have flaws, recruiters do not rely solely upon them for finding candidates…   

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Recruiters Reveal This Key to Your Job Interview Success


Most employers do not have a shortage of job seekers from which to choose their next employees. To stand out from the crowd of also-rans, successful job seekers use the interview process to showcase their work ethic and to demonstrate their value as an employee. Here’s how to impress them: Prepare Like You Already Work There, and This Interview Is Part of Your Job Preparation is a crucial part of being impressive in the interview. Demonstrate interest in this employer and this position by being well-prepared for the interview, hopefully, better prepared than any other job seeker. This can also   

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5 Things You MUST Do to Remain Relevant in Today’s Job Market

Find a Job

Meeting the new needs of today’s job market means we must become more visible to the world, enabling recruiters to find us and also to find good information about us that supports our job searching.

And it also means passing the “first impression test” as recruiters do extensive research on the Internet. Typically, they are looking for three things…   

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5 Tips to Help You Write a Great Cover Letter

Cover Letter

Make sure your cover letter doesn’t help eliminate you from the competition by controlling the effort, content, and ultimately the quality of how you communicate. Coupled with a great resume, this will put you up 2-0 over your less prepared, less careful competition.

Here are 5 ways you can write a great cover letter, and get it read.   

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