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4 Unique Techniques for Finding a Summer Internship

Unique Ways to Find an Internship

Even if you’re tapped into your university’s career center and job board, finding an internship is a major challenge for most college students and recent grads.

The reality is: most internship postings aren’t advertised on popular job boards, including your career center’s. Which means that when it comes to finding an internship that fits your interests and professional needs, you must be innovative…   

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The 20 Keywords Just Right for Your Resume

Top 20 Keywords for Your Resume

Whether in the resume storage of a job board, in an employer’s applicant tracking system (ATS), or in social networks like LinkedIn and Google Plus… most resumes end up in a database of some sort.

Regardless of where they are stored, those resumes and social profiles need to be “find-able” when someone types in their desired search terms, which are commonly referred to as “keywords.” But what keywords are those employers looking for? How do they find you?   

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Want the Job? Solve My Problem!


No matter the job, the industry or the experience level, every hiring manager on the planet – whether they need a dishwasher or a VP of Rocket Science – has the same focus: Solve… My… Problem.

How does a candidate know the recruiter’s immediate problem? How do you determine what challenge are they trying to resolve by filling this position?   

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How Action Statements Turned My Resume into a Winner

Action Statements

Two years ago – armed with a bachelors of science degree and unbridled youthful optimism and ready to take on the world – I started my job search.

My subsequent job search surely but swiftly taught me a hard lesson. I began to realize a positive attitude is great, but you need a little more than that in your job hunt arsenal…   

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These 7 Steps Will Get Your Resume Past the ATS

Resume Black Hole

Remember that job application you filled out about three weeks ago? You probably have not gotten a call back about it. Why?

Because chances are, your application was not reviewed by a real person. Today, companies large and small are using more technology, particularly applicant tracking systems (ATS)    

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What Really Happens When You Submit a Resume Online

How Resumes Really Get Read

You find your dream job online. You know you’re a perfect fit for this company. You submit a carefully crafted resume exactly as requested. Now, the magic happens… right?

Well, maybe not.

This infographic from the Wall Street Journal shows us exactly what happens after your resume is submitted the old-school way (through a job board, the organization’s career site, etc.) And the picture isn’t pretty…   

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