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The Most Overlooked Job Interview Skill Ever: Personal Selling

You Suck

Most of us cringe when we hear these two words: “Job interview.”

Because job interviews are perhaps the most stressful portion of the job search process, we do everything possible to prepare. We Google every aspect of the interview, look at videos for tips, read every article from every expert, etc. And still, there is a huge chance that you’ll suck at your next interview.    

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Job Seekers: Never Be Afraid to Tell Your Story


“Never be afraid to tell your story.”

When it comes to job search, we cannot underestimate the importance of storytelling. In fact, as is said by Sharon Graham in the foreword of my new book, Tell Stories Get Hired, once you can articulate your value effectively, you can succeed in your job search…   

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7 Reasons Your Job Search is Still Getting Zero Results

3D 0%

It’s the most frustrating scenario a job seeker will experience. You spruce up your resume, send it off to open jobs, and after a few weeks… you hear nothing but crickets.

No response. No returned calls. No job interviews…   

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Create Your Career Plan in 5 Simple Steps [Infographic]


We pick our major, and often decide our future career, with little or no real-world experience. So how do we go about carefully creating our career plan? How do we know what career path is right for us?

This infographic from Michael Page helps us do just that…   

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What Do Managers Look For in Entry-Level Employees? [Infographic]


According to a survey by Bridge: “Managers hire employees based on attitude and work ethic, then hope to effectively train them to develop other skills they need to excel in an entry level position.”

Skills like professionalism, time management, interpersonal communication — and even technical skills. Why?    

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7 Reasons College Students Graduate Without a Job


College graduates are still having a difficult time getting started in a career they are really passionate about. Many of this year’s graduates – over half – will end up taking a job that didn’t even require a college degree.

If you’re a soon-to-be college graduate that is finding it difficult to land a job, or if you’re looking ahead to the day you will graduate, I encourage you to read on… and discover the seven 7 reasons why you just might graduate college without a job offer in hand…   

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