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Resume Checklist: 8 Simple Steps to an Effective Resume [Infographic]

resume checklist

You can generate a resume that wins interviews. And it is easier than you think.

this infographic from EssayMamma provides the checklist you need. It covers all of the basics of good, effective resumes in eight easy to follow steps…   

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Post-Interview Waiting: The Real Reasons Why Employers Take So Long to Respond

post-interview waiting

The reason for a long post-interview waiting period has little to do with you. Or it could have everything to do with you.

Here’s are just some the reasons an employer takes so long to respond…   

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Job Hunting? Here’s the Ultimate Cheat Sheet for an Organized Job Search

organized job search

When on the hunt for a job, it’s not uncommon to apply for multiple opportunities simultaneously. This is especially true for those of us just starting our careers. But multiple applications mean different resume versions, various cover letters and many deadlines to keep track of.

With so many moving parts, it’s difficult to maintain an organized job search…   

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The Panel Job Interview: Success is Yours with These 6 Tips

panel job interview

The panel job interview is becoming the standard for many corporations that need to interview a large number of applicants with maximum fairness and objectivity. While efficient, the process can be extremely intimidating for applicants.

After all, instead of needing to impress just one person, they will soon face a whole group of interviewers…   

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Improve Your Career Prospects: Become a Master Networker [Infographic]

master networker

Everyone networks. We are, after all, social creatures. We meet people every day and invite them into our lives… into our experiences. Friends, acquaintances, classmates, and strangers all become part of our network of human contact. Even the barista that hands you a cup of coffee in the morning also takes a place in you human network. Career networking is different, but many of the same skills and principles that make us social networkers apply here as well. You just have to take it up a notch… and become a master networker. Becoming a Master Networker If you need to brush up on   

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5 Reasons New Grads Should Target Specific Employers

target specific employers

Feeling lost in the job search? All those applications you’re submitting online are generating interest?

Try a different approach: use proven marketing techniques to target specific employers.   

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