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7 Job Search Tactics Way Better than Browsing Job Boards

job search tactics

You already know how to search major job boards, of course. But what are you doing to greatly increase your chances of landing a job?

As many job seekers have learned over the past five years, the most productive and effective job search tactics cover all the bases… and not just the job boards.   

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4 Ways to Keep Your Post-Graduate Job Search on Track

post-graduate job search

It’s time to begin your post-graduate job search. And today, not everyone with a degree gets a dream job right away.

In fact, 50 percent of workers surveyed by Workopolis in 2014 said it took about 16 weeks to get a job…   

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Not Much Work Experience? Here Are 5 Ways You Can Still Get a Good Job

work experience

Here’s the reality: every working professional has been-there-done-that when it comes to having no work experience. The vast majority have worked their way through it.

You will, too. Here are five tips to help you get a job with little to no work experience.   

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Job Skills Often Matter More Than Your Formal Education

job skills

When applying for a job, hiring managers are going to look at your education to determine if you are qualified. But your degree and education are not the only important factors when considering your fit for the job.

In fact, your job skills and experience are often far more important than your education…   

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Improve Critical Skills: The First Step in Your Career Plan

improve critical skills

Recently, an overseas client contacted me who was in the planning stages of moving back to the U.S. Specifically, he was wondering about how to make the transition back to the American job market. I suggested that he start reviewing U.S.-based job openings to get a sense of what the requirements are, and then take the time to sign up for online courses or attend conferences (if possible) in order to improve critical skills.   

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5 Reasons You Should Thank Your Job Search Competition

job search competition

In any economy, good or bad, you have a lot of competition for every job. The internet, social media and the rise of the global “gig economy” have only increased how hard you need to fight for every opportunity. Intimidated? Most people would answer “Yes!”   

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