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After the Interview: What Does the Recruiter Really Think of You?


During the interview, you do your best to make a good impression. When your job interview is over, there you are… stuck in the old waiting game wondering what the recruiter really thinks of you…

Did I do as well as I could have? Did I make a good impression? Could I have answered my interview questions better?   

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3 Things You’re Getting Really Wrong About Job Interviews

why no job

I spent a Sunday afternoon coaching Jeff to get ready for an interview he had the next day. It was a company he really wanted to work for. He didn’t want to leave disappointed one more time.

And the day would be grueling. He had 5 one-on-one interviews – each an hour long. In between all that there was a lunch with a few of the team members.

To be successful in this interview, I knew he would need to change up his strategy completely.

While working with him, I saw beliefs about the interview I see in many new grad job seekers.   

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3 Job Interview Assumptions You Should Never Make


Many job seekers feel they’re not very experienced at interviewing. They feel like the employer has the upper hand. The truth is… most interviewers don’t know how to interview either.

Don’t be discouraged by that! Check out the following interview situations. Expect them to arise and, knowing they might happen, you’ll be prepared.   

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7 Online Resources That Help Rock Your Job Interview


You’ve applied for some jobs for which you’re well-qualified, and now you’re getting ready to wow them in the interviews. How you carry yourself in those interviews not only indicates what a smart and thorough employee you’d be. You’re also demonstrating something very important to recruiters: your interest in each specific company… i.e. you want that job… not just a job.

Before your interview, use these online resources to prepare for your interviews and blow away your competition:   

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Why the First 5 Minutes of a Job Interview Are So Important

first five mins

impressions. Or rather, a series of first impressions.

How you present your personal brand both online, and in your resume and cover letter is usually where it starts. This carries through to when you arrive for your first interview. One of the most important moments in terms of making an impression – if not THE most important moment – happens when the employer finally gets to see you live and in person…   

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6 Expert Tips to Help You Prepare for the Panel Job Interview

Group interview

When you think of a job interview you most often think of a discussion between you and a recruiter or hiring manager, one-on-one. Some companies, however, use group, or “panel” interviews to screen candidates.

If you can get past the intimidation factor, and if you’re prepared, panel interviews can work in your favor…   

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