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Who Needs a J-O-B? Create a Career Outside the 9-to-5


Is the idea of “lifetime employment” still hanging around? Or should we be prepared for a transitional workforce where we will most likely work a series of contract, temp and freelance gigs instead?

What does the future of work look like?   

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Winter Warm-up: What Must Be Done Now to Get a Gig By Summer


In many parts of the country another version of the “polar vortex” is wrapping its icy arms around the landscape. Many are thinking: “Summer?! That’s years away! I’m freezing my (resume) off right now!”

Fair enough. We get it. However, a successful job or internship takes time… most often around 6 months. Time to warm-up the winter!   

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The Guerrilla Job Search… Going Well Beyond the Job Boards


Many of us have been conditioned to think a passive job search was effective. Upload a resume to a major job board; hit the ‘Apply Now’ button; and we’d get hired. In our new economy, however, this 1990’s job search strategy is leaving you well behind our job search competition.

A whole range of options – often referred to as “guerilla” job search techniques – have proven to be far more effective…   

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Job Interview #FAIL: Rookie Mistakes that Kill Your Chances

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You secured the interview! Take a moment and celebrate; pat yourself on the back as you acknowledge that much of your career competition didn’t make it this far.

Then, deliberately recognize that job interviews are a mine field of mistakes that could immediately end your chances of getting the job. Some could be labeled as “common sense” (yet happen all the time!) while others are far more subtle. All of them, however, are avoidable… and every meeting with a potential employer is another chance to improve your job interview performance.

In this week’s #InternPro Chat, the community took on these rookie mistakes at job interviews…   

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The Networking Dance: How Well Do You Score with the Judges?


In the professional world, networking is a key skill for success. The ability to build and maintain relationships is central to both finding jobs and maintaining a strong career.

Despite its importance, however, so many of us struggle with networking. We don’t know where to start, don’t really know how to do it well and are terrified at the thought of engaging with people we don’t know. But why?    

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#InternPro Chat: “Your Back to School Checklist: Thinking Career During College”


Those Back-to-School television commercials have started again, which (other than it’s time to go shopping) can mean only one thing… we must get mentally ready for the new school year.

Whether you’re entering freshman year, or you’re a wily college veteran with a year or more under your belt, the job market dictates that academics shouldn’t be your only focus…   

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