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How Important is Culture Fit? (And How Do You Know if You’ve Found It?)

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A job is more than just the work you do.

It’s a place you go for at least 8 hours every day, at least five days every week. And all that time, you have to deal with bosses, coworkers, customers – and a company culture that might rub you the wrong way…   

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The Value Proposition: What Skills Are You Selling (And Who’s Buying)?

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Figuring out your value proposition (what you are really, really good at) and who to sell it to (who will pay you to do that) is one of the major steps to take for young careerists…

And the #InternPro community is here to help!   

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#InternPro Recap: How to Survive the Gig Economy

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BY 2020, nearly half of the workforce will not be employees. They will be contractors, freelancers and temp workers.

How do we handle this big change in the job market? What skills are required to go beyond adapt and survive – and all the way to thrive? Perhaps most important, where do so-called “giggers” find enough work to build a great career?   

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How to Know if You’re REALLY Ready for the Next Level


When applying for job or internship, or when considering putting your name in the hat to lead a special project – or maybe ask for a raise – do thoughts like “I’m not good enough” go through your head a little too often?

Especially early in our careers, it is easy to question our skills, experience – and our overall value…   

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#InternPro Recap: “A Great Career is Out There: Here’s How to Build Yours”

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When you’re just starting out, building a great career can seem incredibly daunting.

Where do you begin? How do you know what skills will be required for jobs in your career? How do you break through the barriers that you’ll undoubtedly face?    

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The Future of Work: Are You Ready for the Changing Workplace?


Remote contributions, more autonomous work teams, fewer managers, open environments… this is not your father’s workplace!

These trends are forcing us to take a hard look at how work gets done today…    

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