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What Kind of Job Market Do College Grads Face? [Infographic]


Summer is almost here, and as many soon-to-be grads have already realized: the job market may be better… but it isn’t great. In fact, the number of job openings targeted to new graduates is down about 20 percent in 2015.

However, the overall job market has increased by 20%… and many of the the full-time employment (FTE) positions available are the types of jobs college graduates covet such as non-retail sales, customer service and business support…   

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How to Successfully Manage a Major Career Change [Infographic]

infographic - change career paths

You dedicated your college life to obtaining a degree that you hoped would pave the way to a fulfilling professional life. And now you feel anything but fulfilled.

You don’t want to get out of bed in the morning. You dread walking in the front door. The sound of your bosses voice brings out visions of Jack Nicholson’s maniacal face in ‘The Shining’…    

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The Pros and Cons of Habitually Job-Hopping [Infographic]

Infographic - job hopping

For decades, we’ve heard that “job hopping” – habitually leaving one job for another in a short amount of time – looks bad on your resume, and was bad for your career.

In fact, even in what is commonly referred to as the Freelance Economy, 41% of Baby Boomers (compared to just 13% of Millennials) still believe they should stay in a new job for at least five years before seeking a new role…   

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15 Time Wasters Successful People Avoid at Work [Infographic]

Time Wasters Successful People Avoid

As we start our new jobs and internships this summer, we’ll all be looking to make a great first impression. We’ll dress perfectly. We’ll show up five minutes early. We’ll come in with a great attitude. But once we’re there, there are many time-wasters that, if we aren’t careful, will mean the difference between creating amazing first impression and a really bad first day or week… and maybe even a bad reputation. From not remaining engaged to technology interruptions, and from lack of focus to procrastinating, here – courtesy of N2Growth – are 15 time wasters you’ll must avoid at work…    

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How to Dress (And NOT Dress) for Job Interview Success

Ajilon Dress for Success

Employers have stated they can make hiring decisions within the first few minutes, even seconds, of meeting you… and the way you dress has a lot to do with that!

To learn how you should (and should not!) dress, groom and accessorize for your next job interview, check out this terrific infographic from our friends at Ajilon Professional Staffing…   

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The Ultimate Guide to the Digital Job Search [Infographic]

job search

In many ways, the job search has become extremely complicated. Gone are the days when you simply found a job on a big job board, hit the ‘Apply Now’ button, attached your generic resume and hit ‘Send’.

To cut through the noise and clutter that can stall a job search, we bring you this infographic from Washington State University’s College of Business. Here, you’ll find many great tips on how to streamline your job search…   

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