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8 Traits More Important Than Your Resume [Infographic]

8 Traits that Trump a Resume

No matter how many versions are written, there are certain things a resume just can’t say about you. Which means that your cover letter, online presence, and LinkedIn profile must demonstrate the traits that employers covet most: things like grace under pressure, integrity, charisma and – perhaps most important – a positive attitude.

This infographic provides a great summary of the traits job seekers must make obvious in their personal branding…   

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One Brand Gets it Right: This is Not Your Father’s Internship


This is not your father’s (or mother’s) internship!

As you can see from this infographic from Gatesman+Dave, and ‘The Brandtern Experience’, internships today are far different than they were a generation ago…   

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Millennials: Make Yourself Recession-Proof [Infographic]


What must young professional to do to get a leg up in the sluggish economy?

As this infographic from MidAmerica Nazarene University shows, the answer is combining a strategically planned education with useful skills, a strong network, and an authoritative voice…   

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What You Wish You Knew BEFORE Taking the Job [Infographic]


In a recent survey, 85% of workers said they are open to the idea of changing jobs. And a great many of them aren’t considering leaving for better opportunities, but to escape their current less-than-desirable working environment.

So what will be different for these unhappy careerists next time? How can they make sure their next job is a better fit at a better company? That’s where this helpful infographic from Donna Svei and Free Resume Builder comes in handy…   

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9 Steps to Creating a Unique Personal Branding Strategy [Infographic]

The Way to Personal Branding

As necessary as it is in today’s job market, personal branding can be a confusing, anxiety-inducing chore. And there isn’t a person on the planet who, at some point, hasn’t questioned whether the results justify all the effort.

And then along comes this infographic from Italy-based branding specialists, Sestyle.it…   

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5 Reasons Employers Don’t Like Your LinkedIn Profile [Infographic]

5 Reasons Recruiters Don

You’ve jumped all over LinkedIn… and yet the results rank right in between slim and none. Recruiters simply aren’t finding you. Why? When trying to be found, what mistakes should you avoid? Which sections of your profile actually show up in search results, and should be optimized at every opportunity? This terrific infographic from LinkedIn.in30Minutes.com answers those questions – and much more. Take a look, and then decide: how will you improve your LinkedIn profile today?      

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