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Social Media Tips for the Digitally Savvy Job Seeker [Infographic]

Social Media Tips for Job Seekers Career Savvy

Almost everyone now knows that employers are pre-screening applicants on social media, getting to know the real you (not the polished, on-your-best-behavior job interview version) before they ever make contact for an interview.

But do we know exactly what they are looking for when they check us out on Facebook, Twitter and LinkedIn?   

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A Recipe for Resume Success [Infographic]


We all need a little help now and then… especially with our resume. So Friday is a good day to present this fun and creative infographic from GiraffeCVs, whichoutlines some important tips for cooking up a tasty resume (or “CV” – cirruculum vitae – as the British call it) recruiters will enjoy… and maybe even come back for seconds! One word of caution: an objective statement, as suggested in the infographic, doesn’t sit well on the palate of many. In fact, it is primarily only the old-school industries (academia, medical and legal, for example) who still want to see an   

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The Do’s and Don’ts of Writing a Rockin’ Resume [Infographic]


Your resume, despite all the flaws that come with a hiring system that depends on them, remains a key component of a successful job search. And yet not many of us are aware of the “ground rules” that come with writing a resume.

This infographic from our friends at CollegeAtlas.org provides answers to some of those “do and ‘don’t” questions, and will help you begin the challenge of writing a rockin’ resume…

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Should Students and Millennials Be on LinkedIn? [Infographic]


Should you – the student, recent graduate and young professional – be on LinkedIn? Is the social/professional network worth the investment of your time?

The numbers in this infographic by www.degreequery.com scream “yes!”…   

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Recruiters Reveal: What You Wish You Knew Before the Interview [Infographic]


In a survey of 2,000 bosses, 33% said they know within the first 90 seconds of meeting a candidate whether they’ll hire that person.

A minute and a half. That is how much time you have to make what obviously needs to be a very strong first impression…   

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The 7 Habits of Highly Successful Job Seekers [Infographic]

Successful Job Seekers

We’ve all heard the stories. Perhaps we even know one of the those recent graduates and young careerists who seem to have almost no trouble finding a new job. What do they have that we don’t have?

Did they go to a better school? Have parents with better connections? Born luckier than us? No, they made their own luck… by embracing the seven habits of successful job seekers    

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