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The Impact of Bad Bosses in the Workplace [Infographic]

Bad Bosses

Bad bosses can mean the difference between finding our work meaningful and just putting in just enough time to keep our jobs. In fact, as shown in this infographic from Officevibe, those with terrible bosses tend to be far less productive than their motivated, mentored counterparts.

If you already feel you are held back by your bad boss… read on!   

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The Secrets to a Great Online Job Interview [Infographic]

Online Job Interviews

Online job interviews – whether on Skype, G+, Zoom or dedicated apps like iMeet – have become the norm. And if you want to nail down a great job, you better understand the secrets to a great video job interview!

Which is why we like this infographic from the folks at iMeet…   

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The Dos and Don’ts of Cover Letters [Infographic]

Dos and Donts of Cover Letters

A cover letter is your chance to distance yourself from the competition… a chance to prove you have the right skills, attitude and values for that specific company.

And yet a cover letter can backfire. If not done well, the reader will know – in just a few seconds – that you are not the “detail oriented” and “passionate” professional with “excellent communication skills” that your resume says you are.   

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Is the Workforce Ready for Gen Z? [Infographic]


For nearly 20 years, employers have trying to adjust their hiring – and their entire cultures – to the coming tsunami of Millennials. To this day, we see blogs and articles every day about what Millennials want, and expect, from employers.

Well, here’s the thing: many of those Millennials are now 30-somethings. They are doing the hiring. And many of those they are hiring are the next generation of workers: Gen Z…   

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In Today’s Workplace, How Prevalent is Burnout? [Infographic]


No matter how much you believe in your company’s purpose or love your job, it’s impossible to stay motivated forever. For that to happen, we must feel a personal sense of purpose beyond a paycheck; we must feel appreciated by our employer; and we must be able to say, “Enough is enough, time for a break.” We may even have to occasionally turn off the devices. Or burnout is inevitable. To learn more about the prevalence of burnout in today’s workplace, 200 American workers, freelancers and solopreneurs were interviewed. The results, as shown in this infographic by The Office Club,   

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The Evolution of Job Interviews [Infographic]

Evolution of the Job Interview

Long gone are the days of relying on references and canned questions to evaluate job candidates.

Today’s interview process has evolved to include pre-screening candidates online, using social media to determine personality traits, and methods for testing candidates’ knowledge and skills. And who really knows what tomorrow will bring?   

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