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Recruiters Are from Mars… Job Seekers from Venus [Infographic]


For decades, there has been a disconnect between what recruiters (Mars) say and what candidates (Venus) hear.

A recruiter, for example, says “I’ll be in touch if anything comes up…” and a candidate hears, “That went well, they’ll call soon!” This level of miscommunication – often caused by a recruiter saying what they need to say to keep the conversation positive and the candidate hearing what they want to hear – eventually leads to frustration, anger and a much-longer than necessary job search…   

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LinkedIn Bootcamp: Basic Training for Your Personal Marketing

LinkedIn Bootcamp

After a fast-paced #InternPro Twitter chat last night titled “Don’t Be a LinkedIn-diot: Build Your LinkedIn Profile Like a Pro,” we thought this classic infographic from Mindflash just may be what the doctor ordered.

After all, once those shiny new profiles are out there for all to see, it’s time to start flexing those personal networking muscles!   

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How to Build Your Resume the Right Way [Infographic]

resume infomercial

No matter how often we think a resume might be a relic of the Industrial Age, the simple reality is that for most employers, a resume is still required. More important, the resume must be done the right way – or you don’t stand a chance among a sea of applicants.

But what does the “right way” mean? After all, as many job seekers have learned: resume advice is like snowflakes – it seems there are never two the same!   

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In 2 Minutes: Learn Which Career Path May Be Right for You

which career path

There are a ton of tests and assessments out there to help determine your aptitudes, strengths and weaknesses – and each can be a valuable tool toward determining your eventual career path.

Few of those, however, can be completed in as little as two minutes – and few offer as much immediate value as the simple quiz in this infographic from jobsDC.com…   

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What Are the Best and Worst Jobs in America? [Infographic]

What Are The Best and Worst Jobs Today

Now well into the fall semester, you may be wondering: Have I chosen the right major? Will I be entering an occupation or industry that is thriving? Will there be jobs available after graduation?

To help answer those questions, we present this infographic from NumberSlueth. Here, you’ll see the ten best and worst jobs in America – and what makes them a great choice, or not…   

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Hard Versus Soft Skills: What You Need to Know to Get Hired

Hard Skills Versus Soft Skills

What is the difference between hard skills and soft skills?

Having the right hard skills means you can do the job… while having the right soft skills often means you can do the job well, improve existing processes and make a positive contribution to the company culture…   

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