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How to Impress During Your Next Virtual Job Interview

How to Impress in Your Video Interview

As Skype and Google+ Hangout interviews continue to grow in popularity, job seekers are learning there is little difference between a video interview and the in-person variety.

In fact, many of the steps – from how you dress, to preparation, to proper eye contact and effective follow-up – are now exactly the same as if you were walking into the office and talking face-to-face…   

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How to Create and Manage an Outstanding Online Reputation

Create and Manage Your Online Reputation

How does the world see you? How does your “personal brand” differ from your reputation? What changes do you need to make in your online presence?

Maintaining control of how you are perceived is easier than you might expect…   

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What Are the Top 10 Job Interview Mistakes? [Infographic]

Top 10 Job Interview Mistakes

Would you answer, or even look at, your phone during a job interview? Would you slouch in the chair as you answered questions? Would you lie just to make yourself seem more qualified?

As shown in this infographic from Stevens-Henager College, these blunders, and more, are among what employers consider to be the most common job interview mistakes…   

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The 10 Most Common Job Interview Questions (and How to Answer!)

Top 10 Job Interview Questions and Top Answers

Everyone knows they are coming: those pain-in-the-butt job interview questions like “tell me about yourself” and that whole “greatest weakness” thing.

But what if you could prepare so well that those questions – and many more just like them – went from being a source of anxiety to a never-ending supply of confidence?   

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10 Tips for Starting Your New Gig Off On the Right Foot [Infographic]

Starting Off on the Right Foor

You worked harder than you could have ever imagined to get that new internship or job. Now that you’re ready for your first day, the only thing left to do: impress!

That is why we really like this infographic from Socialcast. Here you’ll find ten tops for starting your new gig off on the right foot, as ten mistakes to avoid as you work hard to earn the trust of your new colleagues…   

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20 Mistakes That Still Kill Your Job Search [Infographic]

Infomercial 2

No matter how often we talk about the serial mistakes made by job seekers… they are still being made. And they are still killing the chances of job seekers everywhere.

From spelling errors to that “partyboy420@hotmail.com” email address, and from not matching your resume to not bothering to follow-up, these mistakes – as shown in this infographic from Go Study Australia – must be avoided…   

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