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Portrait of a LinkedIn User: 2015 Edition [Infographic]

Portrait of a LinkedIn User

This terrific infographic from YouTern contributor and LinkedIn training and marketing expert Wayne Breitbarth at PowerFormula.net will help you discover how others are using LinkedIn, and achieving amazing results!

Take a look, and then decide how you can improve your personal LinkedIn strategy…   

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7 Modern Resume Trends You May Have Missed [Infographic]


Just as fashion and technology trends change from decade to decade, so do job search and hiring trends.

And if you don’t keep up with those trends, your job search will suffer…   

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Life After College: What Can Recent Graduates Really Expect? [Infographic]

Several months now after graduating, many college students are learning there is/was a large discrepancy between their expectations and workforce reality.

For more about the expectations and attitudes of the younger members of our workforce, including how they find their first jobs out of college, check out this infographic from College Living…   

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How Much Do Recruiter’s Focus on the Candidate Experience? [Infographic]


In a highly competitive job market, sometimes it helps to know what “the other side” is thinking, how they work to attract new talent, and what exactly they are looking for in a new employee.

Which makes this infographic from Jobvite very interesting. Here, we get to see exactly what recruiters are doing to attract top talent…   

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What Does Your Online Image Say About You? [Infographic]

Did you know that 56% of adults don’t actively think about the consequences of their online activities? In the Social Age, that is a bad move!

To learn why, check out this infographic from Microsoft, which shows the consequences of not carefully protecting your online image…   

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10 Bold Ways to Boost Your Self-Confidence [Infographic]


Do you have two lives? The life you live… and the life you want? Or maybe the job you have… and the mind-blowing career you want?

What’s holding you back? What is keeping you from carving out that great career? A lack of confidence, perhaps?   

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