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What are The Best Words and Phrases for Your Resume? [Infographic]

INfographic 11-17-15

There’s so much resume advice out there! But how do you know exactly which words you should use, and which you should never use? And how do you know which phrases have the biggest impact on employers and recruiters?

Finally, Business News Daily answers those questions for us…   

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Networking: Still the Best Way to Open New Doors [Infographic]

Networking Infographic

As many successful careerists will tell you: networking happens every day, everywhere.

In line at Starbucks, during that post-game get together, and even at that meet-up you really didn’t want to go to… networking just happens.   

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Is Your Personal Brand a True Story? [Infographic]


Sure, “authentic” is a major buzzword. But just maybe… it has rightly earned it’s place in the buzzword hall of fame. Being true to yourself is that important.

Which is why we appreciate this infographic from Gigoing. Here, you’ll learn exactly how to make your personal brand match the real you… and tell your real story.   

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Do You Have Stories Ready for Your Next Job Interview? [Infographic]

Get Your Job Interview Stories Ready

We say it all the time at YouTern: “Storytellers make the best sellers.”

And many young careerists have taken this advice to heart; they’ve become very good storytellers. However, many don’t yet know, for a job interview, which stories to have ready – and they don’t know exactly which stories might make the biggest impact.   

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How to Pass the “Social Media First Impression” Test [Infographic]


More and more, recruiters – up to 97% of them, according to Jobvite – are checking out your online presence before they contact you about a position you applied for.

No call. No email. No nothing. Until you’ve passed the “Social Media First Impression” test.   

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6 Body Language Tips For Your Next Job Interview

Most of us have heard that 95% of communication is non-verbal. But do you know exactly how your non-verbal communication is received? Or how to leverage body language during the job interview?

This infographic from Career Savvy does a great job of showing us exactly how to demonstrate confidence, show empathy and express enthusiasm – without ever opening your mouth…   

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