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Employee or Entrepreneur: Which Path is Better for You? [Infographic]

Be Your Own Boss

So many of us have been focused on becoming employable… and securing a traditional job. But what if employment isn’t the best option for you? What if becoming your own boss is a better option for you?

This infographic from TollFreeForwarding.com takes a close look at entrepreneurship as a career option…   

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So You’re Graduating? Now What? [Infographic]


To help celebrate all the recent and upcoming graduation ceremonies, today we present this amazing infographic by Mint, Quicken and our good friend, Jenny Blake titled, “You’re Graduating… Now What?”

Based on Jenny’s classic book, Life After College, the infographic serves as a roadmap for just about everything you need to know now that you are (finally) a college graduate…   

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5 Reasons Students Should Use LinkedIn Right Now [Infographic]

LinkedIn and Students II

As summer approaches, many students look forward to more than a few months off… they’re thinking about how to use this time to move their career goals forward. And for many, that means building a professional online presence, including a LinkedIn profile. And yet one question lingers: “I’m a college student… can LinkedIn really help me?” The answer, as this infographic from California College San Diego confidently states, is “YES!” And to help prove their point, they list five reasons why you should start using LinkedIn right now. To take advantage of LinkedIn in a big way, take a look. And then make it   

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10 Things NOT to Put on Your Resume [Infographic]

infomercial cv

We talk a lot about the right formatting of your resume, the use of keywords to get past the Applicant Tracking System (ATS), and what you should put on your resume. But we don’t talk enough about what should not go on your resume… the things employers see as a big red flags.

Today, we fix that. Here are 10 things you shouldn’t put on your resume…   

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This is How You Make a Great First Impression [Infographic]

Grads Infographic

Graduation time is upon us again… which means approximately 4 million college graduates are about to descend on the job market, each hoping to make that great first impression.

But what exactly makes a great first impression? What do we have to to really impress a recruiter or hiring manager?   

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The Social Age Resume: Stand Out From the Crowd [Infographic]

The New Resume

“The traditional resume as we know it, is gone.” So says Davitt Corporate Partners in the compelling infographic below… and we agree.

Today, employers expect more. So you, and your Social Age resume, must stand out from the crowd. Here’s how…   

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