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Marketing Majors: Avoid Becoming an Industry Dinosaur [Infographic]


As we transition from Industrial Age best practices into Social Age reality, one thing is clear: business will never be the same.

And no place is that more true than marketing. Today, there are so many channels that didn’t even exist a decade ago that we can’t count them all…   

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All in One Place: The Best Job Interview Preparation Tips [Infographic]


Are you nervous about an upcoming job interview? Need a quick read full of advice on how to ace that interview?

This infographic by Interview Preparation Services, which is full of useful preparation tips, may be just what you’re looking for…   

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In 7 Steps: Perfection for Your LinkedIn Profile [Infographic]

LinkedIn Profile Perfection Infographic

With 350 million active users on LinkedIn, some of them with decades of experience under their belts, how do you stand out? What does it take for your profile to rise to the top of search results? How do you persuade others to offer recommendations? And how do you leverage all the tools available to advance your online brand? All great questions… which is why we’re thrilled to present thus ultimate cheat sheet for building the perfect LinkedIn profile by LeisureJobs. Yes, this is a long read. It may be the largest infographic we’ve ever seen! But your career will   

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2016 Salary Guide: Where Are Salaries Headed? [Infographic]


Ever wonder where your salary is headed? Or which roles might receive the largest raises in the near future? Or maybe you’re wondering how employers are keeping their best talent?

Those questions and more are ready to be answered in this quick-read infographic from Robert Half…   

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Death to the Resume: Why You Should Land a Sales Job in 2016 [Infographic]


You may think you’re not interested in sales as a profession, and at this point in your career, that is understandable.

However, some of you who haven’t considered life as a sales professional should, and here’s why: Sales is a fast track to a great career.   

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Digital Nomads: Leading the Remote Work Revolution [Infographic]

Digital Nomads & The Remote Work Revolution

What if you didn’t have to go work today? What if – instead of spending all that time getting dressed, fighting the traffic, and attending all those meetings where nothing seems to get done – you could actually focus on… the work? From home. Or Starbucks. Or a beach in Bali? That is exactly the question this infographic from BargainFox and SavvyBeaver seems to be asking. Even more important, it answers that question while providing real data to show how you can become a successful digital nomad – as a worker, freelancer, leader or entrepreneur. But be careful, because after reading this those board shorts,   

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