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The Perfect Cover Letter: Unique, Tailored and Impressive [Infographic]

Cover Letter infomercial

Has anyone ever walked you through exactly how to create a great cover letter? One that is different than all the others the recruiter will receive, tailored perfectly to fit the job description and company, and sure to impress the reader? Well, our friends at UNC Student Affairs have done exactly that in five surprisingly simple steps: Research and formatting Styling persuasively Starting strong Articulating your match Clearly stating next steps Check out this thorough guide… and then set out to write the perfect cover letter!      

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The Weirdest Job Interview Questions Ever Asked [Infographic]

Weird Interview Questions

You walk into a potential employer and they ask: “How many ping pong balls fit in a school bus?” Think that’s weird? You haven’t seen anything yet…

According to JobsToday, here are six of the weirdest job interview questions ever asked. Just as important, they tell you what those questions really mean and how to answer them…   

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The One Secret to Nailing a Video Job Interview [Infographic]

Nail the Online Job Interview

So you have a video job interview all lined up… perhaps on Skype or a Google Hangout. You’ve researched the company, the position and the recruiter. You know your stuff!

But did you know that body language during your online job interview can determine 80% of the final hiring decision?   

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20 Steps to Mastering the Art of LinkedIn [Infographic]

Checklist for Mastering LinkedIn

Chances are good you’re among the 300+ million users on LinkedIn… after all, it is the “world’s largest professional network.”

But are you using LinkedIn to it’s full potential? Are employers and recruiters finding you? Are you building personal credibility, expanding your network, and finding mentors?   

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How Does Work-Life Balance Type Affect Your Career? [Infographic]


We hear a lot about how aptitude affects our career choices. Ditto for personality type.

But what about your “work-life balance” type? Have you ever considered how your working style might affect how much you enjoy your work? Or even how efficient you might be?   

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Social Media and the Job Search: Together Forever [Infographic]


With 98% of recruiters now using LinkedIn to help source and screen candidates, social media and the job search are forever connected.

But what are recruiters and hiring managers really looking for? How do they decide who makes the cut? How exactly do job seekers leverage social media in a way that places them near the top of the “must hire” pile?   

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