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The Do’s and Don’ts of Writing a Rockin’ Resume [Infographic]

Infographic 2

Resume tips are like snowflakes… never any two exactly the same. And yet there are certain aspects of a resume that almost every one agrees on – like those outlined in this infographic from CollegeAtlas.org. And some of the advice you may never had heard before: 400 words total is just about right More than 6 to 7 bullet points per section means they won’t get read You should avoid filler words like “the” and “a” For more do’s and don’ts, check out the infographic. We’re sure the next version of your resume will be much better as a result!   

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The Resume Done Right: What You Really Need to Know [Infographic]

The Resume Done Right

Some consider the resume obsolete; an outdated tradition that has no place in the Social Age. And maybe that will be true some day.

But today, 9 out of 10 employers will not hire a candidate without first seeing their resume…   

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The 5 Job Seekers You Don’t Want to Become [Infographic]

The 5 Job Seekers You Don

Job searching is difficult at best. And the longer we’re looking for work, the more frustrated – and perhaps desperate – we become.

We can rationalize asking before giving. We start talking in cliches instead of clearly stating our value proposition. And somehow, the bad kind of stalking becomes okay…   

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Avoid These Top 5 Resume #Fails [Infographic]


As outdated as they may seem, your resume – in most cases – is what helps a recruiter or hiring manager decide to offer you a job interview, or not.

And being a cynical bunch, many of those recruiters – instead of looking for a reason to hire you – are looking for an easy way to weed out those not worthy. A big factor in that process: mistakes on your resume. Typos? Yes. But this goes beyond just grammar and the failure to have someone objective proof your resume…   

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10 Tips to Help You Master the Phone Interview [Infographic]


The dreaded phone interview. It makes our hands wet, our throats dry, and causes all kinds of anxiety. And yet, with more and more employers using phone interviews (or their video counterparts via Skype, G+ Hangouts and Zoom) to help choose which candidates will be invited in for a face-to-face interview, it is a skill job seekers must master. Thankfully, our friends at TalentandRecruitment.com have created this how-to infographic that lists ten tips that will help you become a phone interview master. Take a look, employ the solid advice provided, and see if maybe your next phone interview doesn’t go   

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8 Traits More Important Than Your Resume [Infographic]

8 Traits that Trump a Resume

No matter how many versions are written, there are certain things a resume just can’t say about you. Which means that your cover letter, online presence, and LinkedIn profile must demonstrate the traits that employers covet most: things like grace under pressure, integrity, charisma and – perhaps most important – a positive attitude.

This infographic provides a great summary of the traits job seekers must make obvious in their personal branding…   

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