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5 Bad (and 3 Really Good) Reasons for Justifying Grad School

Grad school

I own a test prep company that focuses on graduate and professional schools. When students go on to grad school, it benefits my business.

Graduate school, however, is a huge decision – and some people make that choice for all the wrong reasons.

A master’s degree can easily cost over $200,000 in tuition and lost wages. This career and education move might be worth the effort and expense in certain situations… but not always…   

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Check it Twice: 7 Thoughts for Making an Internship Wish List

‘Tis the season for making lists – shopping lists, naughty or nice lists… wish lists. There are entire sections of magazines and millions of blog posts dedicated to the subject of lists: making lists, best-of lists, New Year’s resolution lists, etc.

There is one list, however, often forgotten at this time of year – the “Internship Wish List”. Spring semester is just around the corner; students all across the country will spend a portion of their holiday break searching for that perfect-for-them internship…   

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