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Lifelong Learning: 11 Ways to Continuously Improve Your Soft and Hard Skills

lifelong learning

Ask anyone with a highly successful career. They’ll tell you: Lifelong learning — and specifically continuous development of both soft and hard skills — is the single best way to improve your career prospects. So we asked members of the Young Entrepreneur Council (YEC) this simple question: For the young careerist, what is the single best way to improve both soft and hard skills?

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Industry Certifications: A Valuable Asset for Your Job Search and Your Future

industry certifications

When you’re looking for work, you want to present yourself as the best-prepared, most solid candidate a company could ever consider. With that in mind, many job seekers look at industry certifications as a way to set themselves apart.

But these credentials cost time and money. Are they worth it?   

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13 Powerful Ways to Continue Your Professional Growth

professional growth

At YouTern, we’ve been talking a lot about self-learning and perpetual career development. So it makes sense that we’d go right to successful entrepreneurs and professionals to learn how they continue to grow professionally.   

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#InternPro Recap: How Savvy Young Pros Leverage Self-Learning

#InternPro Chat leverage self-learning

No more pencils, no more books. The graduation cap and gown are gone, so the learning is done, right? WRONG… it’s now time to leverage self-learning!

Savvy young professionals are discovering that learning is not done once you get a diploma…   

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Continuing Education: Key to Successful Career Change


It’s a trend we’ve seen since the recession started: young professionals, and even established career professionals have decided to do a complete career 360.

Continuing education is the way to get the skills and experience needed to successfully make a career transition. If you’ve been toying with idea of a career change, going back to school can be a great place to start. Here are a few reasons why:   

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