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When Should College Students Start Job Hunting?

college students start job hunting

Senior year of college is an exciting and busy time, and it goes by fast. There is so much to do, and so little time to get it done. So when should college students start job hunting?

Early! Earlier than you think.   

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#InternPro Chat: What Can Students Do NOW for a Great Career LATER?

#InternPro Chat Twitter

ou’re a college student. You’re working hard on your studies, your extracurricular activities, and perhaps a part-time job. (Okay, maybe you’re working a little bit on your social life, too!)

But have you started working on your career yet?    

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10 FREE Apps Every College Student Needs Right Now

10 Free Apps

College students are constantly connected to a variety of gadgets, from smartphones to tablets and laptops to wearables. And both Apple and Android offer dozens of apps to help them get the most out of their work and play.

Here are 10 of the best apps I use on a regular basis…    

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How to Translate Book Smarts into Job Search Success

success puzzle

You’ve probably heard that it’s not exactly what you learn in school that counts – because the content itself is kind of like the weights you lift…

It doesn’t matter what color the weights are, what matters is the muscles they build, and your experience has refined muscles that you may not have even realized you’ve been building…   

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A Millennial Approach to Career Success

Millenial Approach to Career

As a college student, I didn’t know how to build a network or find a job, but thankfully several peers and mentors provided critical guidance. I eventually found a great internship which turned into a full-time offer. I thought my future was set.

Turns out, I was wrong.   

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4 Ways to Improve Your Resume While Still in College

College Resume

There’s more to your resume than a GPA and internships. And now is when you can actually start doing things that will help make sure your resume is solid when you leave school.

As you work your way through college this year, keep these four things in mind…   

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