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Are you Employable? What to Do When You Graduate Without a Job


You fought your way through that brutal final stretch run of exams, review sessions, and all-nighters in the library. You can finally say you are a college graduate!

But during all that time spent trying to make sure you got your diploma, did you make sure to spend some time making sure you were employable?   

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A Career Toolkit for College Graduates [Infographic]

career toolkit

For millions of college students across the country, graduation day looms large.

After all, it’s almost time to step out of your life as a student and begin a new one… your career.    

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Are You Really Career Ready? [Infographic]

career ready

What does “career ready” really mean?

What competencies must you master to step into your first real role after college and make a difference?

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So You’re Graduating? Now What? [Infographic]


To help celebrate all the recent and upcoming graduation ceremonies, today we present this amazing infographic by Mint, Quicken and our good friend, Jenny Blake titled, “You’re Graduating… Now What?”

Based on Jenny’s classic book, Life After College, the infographic serves as a roadmap for just about everything you need to know now that you are (finally) a college graduate…   

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The Real Skills Gap: How Prepared Are We for Today’s Workforce?

Digital Skills Gap

As shown in this compelling infographic, Internships.com and General Assembly have new data for those graduates entering the workforce; specifically, the skills employers are demanding as they hand-pick the best of available new talent.

After reviewing the data, the question must be asked: Should colleges & universities be doing more to prepare their students for today’s workforce?   

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6 Things Today’s College Graduates Must Unlearn


All around us, the caps have been thrown; the gowns have been stored (or at least thrown in the closet). Several million graduates are now descending on the workforce.

And, sadly, way too many of them don’t have a clue what it takes to be successful at the next level.

Before they can learn what it takes to survive in what has become our new “normal” economy – they need to unlearn much of what they’ve been taught. Here are six examples:   

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