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Ditch the New Year’s Resolution… Create a Career Action Plan!

New Year calendar

Hey… do you want to read another post about how to set New Year’s resolutions for a successful job or internship search?

Sorry. This isn’t one of them.

The truth is… January 1st isn’t magical. It’s a date on the calendar like any other.

But perhaps therein lies the magic. Any date can be made a special starting day – even today!   

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13 Can’t-Miss Career Planning Tips for College Students

career plan

To build a good career takes dedication… you can get there with proper career planning and self-reflection. On the contrary, a miss-step in choice may lead to a frustrating life without meaning.

The earlier you begin to plan for a career, the more likely you are to succeed. College is an ideal time to begin. And you don’t even need a major or specific career direction in mind, yet. The key… is to get started!   

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Can Revisiting Your Childhood Dream Job Rekindle Your Passion?

Childhood Dream Job

To be totally honest, I can’t exactly remember what I wanted to be when I grew up.

I definitely didn’t dream about being in H.R. or recruiting, or running a career advice site.

It’s funny how, early on, you show such clear signs of what you love to do. If you’re feeling lost in your career, call your parents, or your childhood friends, and have them remind you of what you loved and chased as a kid. Maybe it won’t be relevant at all… But maybe it will remind you of your true calling.   

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When Do You Need to Make a Career Choice?

I read a good blog post by Curt Rosengren about choosing a career as a new grad. He makes the point that it’s a mistake to put too much pressure on making the right decision for the long term. Most people have several careers over the course of their working life, so it’s not necessary to choose when you’re right out of school and then think you’ll remain in that field until you retire. This is old-school thinking – and perhaps worthy of further discussion on what is important when choosing your career field…   Investigate Different Fields   It’s   

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